SHOW # 1368 October 17 2011


The folks at Daily Finance and Yahoo Finance have each released a list of ways that retailers and manufacturers trick us into blowing money on their products.  Some of it revolves around marketing phrases, some of it is product placement, but all of it is designed to get us to part with our money.  They’re not running a ‘scam’, they’re just trying to appeal to psychological cues that make us think we’re getting a deal… so it IS kinda like a scam, but it’s legal.  It’s like those late- night TV ads for kitchen products; use a few choice words to convince people that they NEED the product, then provide them with something that isn’t nearly as good or effective as advertised.  Happens all the time and it happens to all of us.  It could be as simple as the Shake- Weight, buying magazine subscriptions from those teens that roll around in vans or as big as investing with Bernie Madoff.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT SCAM SUCKERED YOU IN?

Got locked into an 18.5% mortgage on his mobile home… that just SOUNDS ridiculous

Scammed by his girlfriend… they started dating 1 year ago when she was a size 8; she’s now a size 16

Took a job selling a fire- retardant liquid that protects furniture and upholstery… complete scam, of course, and the sh*t didn’t work

Like a lot of kids, he bought himself some Sea Monkeys believing that they were actually monkeys that come from the ocean… and like a lot of kids, he was disappointed to find out that they’re shrimp

Invested $140,000 of his inheritance into a friend’s tattoo shop… failed miserably

The Girl Scouts… doesn’t like their cookies, which is OK, but he keeps buying their cookies because he can’t conscious the idea of telling them no

His girlfriend fell for the “come by and get a free laptop” scam… it was a police sting… she had a warrant out for her arrest

A lot of people suffered scams at the hand of the early days of eBay.  I know eBay has taken care of most of that, but I was very apprehensive to ever buy anything online.  Then I discovered the ease of online shopping and I’m all about it.

Every year, we do a thing called the “Gay Pool”, a completely immature thing, but fun and there’s money on the line… $100 American dollars.  Here’s how it works:  in January we all select three celebrities we believe will come out of the closet in the next year.  For the second time in five years, Ben the Psycho Muppet has won.  He selected the new Mr. Spock, Zachary Quinto and sure enough, we get the news that Zach is out.  Congratulations to Zach for manning up and Ben for winning $100.  Here’s what’s weird about it… look at the pictures of Ben and Zach.  Weird, man.

OK, I’m out bitches.  Have a bunch of crap I need to get done tonight so I’m saying adios.

Until tomorrow, kiss a crook and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/17/2011 1:41PM
SHOW # 1368 October 17 2011
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