SHOW # 1374 October 25 2011

This past Sunday in Glendale, California was the 28th annual Love Ride, a yearly charity motorcycle ride.  This year’s Grand Marshall was “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno.  Before the ride officially kicked off, Jay and his chin gave a little speech, saying quote, “Every year, (the organizer) says ‘Drive safe’.  I’m gonna say DON’T drive safe.  I wanna see somebody go down.  So it’ll be fun.  I want it to be in front or behind me and see a whole row of bikes go down.  Get drunk, fall off the road.  We’ve all become too damn polite… we haven’t had one incident.”  About an hour later, 2 riders collided with a big rig and then got run over by the rear wheels an died at the scene.  Naturally, Jay had nothing to do with the accident, but he kinda looks like a douche bag.  To be fair, Jay Leno has looked like a douche bag for years, but now he looks a little douchier and a little baggier.  Then again, Sarah Palin had to backtrack off her comments encouraging civilians to “take out” congress folks who they believe are ruining America after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  Again, the shooting wasn’t Sarah’s fault, but her comments made the stupid bitch seem a little stupider and a little bitchier.  Happens to the best of us; we’ve all said something we regret, either immediately or eventually and today we asked you to share:  IN HINDSIGHT, WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU’D NEVER SAID?
Every day I go home and ponder this very question.
As for you:
Was at a funeral for a friend and someone asked, “how are you?”, he responded, “well, I’m ALIVE!”.  Yea, funeral humor is a slippery slope.
Told her mother to go choke on her religion… her mother later asphyxiated on a crucifix… I made up that last part
In a conversation about bands, he made the comment that he’s “way more of a Tool guy than a Bush guy!”  He was talking about bands… riiiiight, bands.
At a gas station, dude pulls up in a truck with huge tires.  Told the guy, “nice diggers, man”.  Well, it was a black guy who misunderstood what he’d said and threw a rock through his windshield… yea, man, just say “nice tires”
Visited a friend who had a kid, and as babies are contagious among women, she went home and posted “I want a baby”… two weeks later she was pregnant.  These things happen, but she can’t live it down because everyone thinks she went hunting for man- seed
Got drunk, called his woman some choice names… she left him
Asked a woman the ultimate no-no; “when’s the baby due?”  As you probably guessed, she wasn’t pregnant, just woefully out of shape
Made fun of another students handwriting… kid had MS
While working at IHOP, he had a table of midgets, so he asked them if they wanted kid sized drinks… they didn’t.  He didn’t do it on purpose, he thought they were kids.
At a high level work meeting and made the comment, “Hey, I’m a single mom, I go through A LOT of batteries”… her comment was met with silence until she explained that she meant for her KID’S toys
His 3-year-old daughter asked a fat, black dude, “how did you get so dirty and pregnant”… awkward
Jolene “treated” us to a taste of Scott Weiland’s latest offering… another f**king Christmas album!  For the love of God, why do people keep putting out Christmas albums?!?  Actually, we know the answer to that, $$$.  It drives me crazy.  Every year some “artist” decides to just make some easy money and record an album of songs that have already been recorded 12,000,000 times.  Seriously, can there be a moratorium on this bullsh*t?  Anyway, listened to it, it sucked the way you’d think it’s gonna suck, but someone will buy it, inspiring another collection of “artists” to release another collection of the same songs next year.  Can’t wait. Here ya go.
OK bitches, I’m outta here.
Until tomorrow, keep your hands to yourself and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/31/2011 11:14AM
SHOW # 1374 October 25 2011
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