SHOW # 1385 November 9 2011

For the first time ever, there was a simultaneous, nationwide Emergency Alert System, or EAS test. It was coordinated by FEMA, Homeland Security, the FCC, the National Weather Service and NOAA. Although the EAS has been around for 15 years or so, this is the first time it’s been tested across the country. As you’d expect from anything coordinated on a federal level, the test failed across large swaths of America. Sounds bad, but it might not really matter. Consider the fact that on 9/11/2001 when the country was quite literally under attack, no one bothered to issue an EAS, leaving us to wonder what, exactly, needs to happen for an EAS test to be issued? We work in the industry and couldn’t tell you. Let’s assume that one day an EAS test is actually fired off because the sh*t has, indeed, hit the fan. What then? Ever been minding your own business when the unexpected happened and you had to spring into action? If so, you can answer today’s question: WHAT IS THE BIGGEST EMERGENCY YOU’VE VER HAD TO DEAL WITH AND HOW DID YOU RESPOND?
I really don’t know that I’ve had to deal with an emergency. Am I lame or lucky? However, now I have a kid and inevitably I will have to respond to SOMETHING that will freak me the hell out.
Away we go:
Saved his brother from choking when he performed the Heimlich maneuver… sounds pretty routine until you consider the fact that his brother is 6’4” and 240 pounds. Not so easy!
Day 6 as a life guard in Oregon, he helped rescue a kid who fell off of a slide and busted his head open on concrete. Kids; they do the darndest things!
His son was born 3 months early and was on life support 5 times by the time he was 5- years- old… that’s a lot of emergencies
As a mall cop he deals with missing children and fights on a regular basis, which is all the reason I need to never want to be a mall cop
Worked as a firefighter for three years and once found two children in a house that completely engulfed in flames. That is some truly heroic sh*t
Found himself in a tornado when he was 6- years- old
Got into a car accident with his father… car flipped a few times and landed upside- down. His dad broke his neck and had to have CPR… saved his father’s life
Works as a tree- cutter, a log smashed into a co- workers leg and they had to carry the guy a few miles out of the forest
At a family reunion, some guy slit his wife’s throat… what kind of Goddamn family are you from, my man?
Like everyone, he worked at a circus as a fire- spinner… during one routine he found himself tangled upside- down in chains and caught himself on fire. Everyone watched him burn until he requested a little water
His daughter was drugged and raped by a stranger when she was 15
I’ll leave you on that high note. Today was mildly depressing, but then, when you ask about emergencies you should expect nothing less. Ever been a part of a ‘good’ emergency?
OK, New Originals are meeting tonight to prepare for the Hangover Ball. We’re playing, but to be quite honest with you , we have no idea WHAT the hell we’re playing yet, so we thought maybe it might be good to nail that down.
Until tomorrow, rock on, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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11/09/2011 5:55PM
SHOW # 1385 November 9 2011
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