SHOW # 1391 November 17 2011


Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the event my father still bitches about to this day; the day NBC outraged football fans by cutting away from the final minutes of the New York Jets- Oakland Raiders game to begin its very special presentation of “Heidi”.  “Heidi” is the heart- warming story of a young orphan sent to live with her grump grandfather in the Swiss Alps.  When she’s stolen by her cruel aunt, her grump grandfather searches for her.  Yea, that kind of storyline is the farthest thing from interesting to a football fan as anything could be, but while NBC was rolling the opening credits, fans east of the Mississippi missed seeing the Raiders come from behind and score 14 points in the final 65 seconds to beat the Jets, 43-32… one of the greatest comebacks in AFL (Not the NFL yet) history, and a lot of football fans ALMOST saw it.  It happens sometimes and today we wanted your story:  WHAT DID YOU HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF DOING OR SEEING AND WHAT HAPPENED TO PREVENT YOU?

Scheduled a nice dinner for his first anniversary, but instead of eating dinner eat ate the ground when his dirt bike went over a cliff

Wanted to Godsmack at Pain in the Grass a few years ago but his sister got married that day… her marriage is already over

Won tickets to Pain in the Grass but had to leave early because his drunk girlfriend started puking on the hill

Had tickets to Crue Fest in 2008, including backstage passes and all that… ended up at a George Michael concert… the girl he went with owes him 25 of the Kama Sutra positions for that

She had the chance to meet Kurt Cobain before Nevermind came out, but she didn’t bother because she didn’t know who he was

Got tickets to go to Maui with his wife… already dropped $5000 on the trip but his kid was born 3 months early… by the way, he was supposed to leave at 5 o’clock today

Was supposed be the best man at his brother’s wedding but after snapping the femur in his right leg and breaking his left leg in TWENTY- SEVEN PLACES (!!!), he missed the chance… moral of the story; don’t go four wheeling before a wedding

Had the opportunity to have a 3- way with his wife and her best friend, but he couldn’t afford a hotel room for his wife’s birthday.  Who gives a rat’s pink ass?  Make it happen!

Had a trip planned to Mexico… unfortunately it coincided with the air travel ban due to swine flu

Folding laundry… easier to let it sit in piles

OK, it’s time for us to perform our annual holiday special, “The Real First Thanksgiving”, a piece of radio theater written by our very own Thee Ted Smith.  Today’s performance was our 8th, and today, unlike any previous performance, it was caught on video.  (Should be edited up tomorrow)

Until tomorrow, gobble- gobble and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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11/17/2011 5:14PM
SHOW # 1391 November 17 2011
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