SHOW # 1395 November 30 2011


I think we can all agree that if you’re searching for the best and brightest in America, you wouldn’t start with politicians.  That being said, it seems that every day, at least one of them still manages to shock us with their profound idiocy.  The latest (but certainly not the last) is Texas Governor Rick Perry who, while speaking to a group of college kids in New Hampshire, said he hoped for their vote next November 12th in the Presidential election and that he hoped they’d all be 21- years- old so that they’d be old enough to vote.  Well, Rick, since you’re running for President, we figured you should have a general idea of how this whole election thing works… but first, you should know that the election is November 6th, not the 12th, and you only have to be 18 to vote… not 21.  Small thing, but you should know.  Meanwhile, our current President, commenting on the Iranian students who stormed the British Embassy in Tehran gave the usual (and completely useless) strongly worded response and said that a raid on the “English” embassy would not be tolerated.  First of all, it’ll be tolerated because no one is going to do anything, and it wasn’t the “English“ embassy, it was the BRITISH embassy.  There’s a difference, and as President, you should know those things.  It’s easy to poke fun, but we’ve all been dead- wrong…  out loud.  We do it every single day of the week… and you let us know!  Today’s question:  WHAT DID YOU KNOW TO BE A FACT… BUT YOU WERE WRONG?

Didn’t know I was black until a few weeks ago… seems to be a usual sentiment

Thought the girl was a virgin- well, he didn’t THINK it as much as she said she was and he believed her… then he got gonorrhea

Just KNEW that the Ravens would “stomp” THE Seahawks… instead, they went to bed and sh*t in it

Thought Men’s Room Original Red was a joke… for three months.  His buddy finally drove him to a store and put a bottle of it in his face

 Was confident that you couldn’t get a DUI if you blew under a .08… found out he was wrong.  Remember,  it’s ‘driving under the INFLUENCE’, not ‘while intoxicated.  Important distinction

Thought 40’s came in cans… even bet $100 on it… and lost $100 dollars on it

Knew that Scotland, Ireland and England were all states in the U.K.

Knew that women didn’t fart… made the terrible discovery that they fart and they smell awful

That was pretty much the mildly acceptable answers we heard today.  This was one of those shows where the flood gates of insanity opened and lasted all day.  Kinda fun, kinda annoying, but it was what it was.

Alright, we’ve got New Originals practice tonight, bitches.  Can’t lie to you… well, I CAN, but I’m choosing not to… I f**king love playing, so this is a good thing.  Besides, we drink a lot.  Loud music and booze!  On that note, I hope to see you and not remember it on Friday at the Holiday Hangover Ball!

Until tomorrow, rock on and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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11/30/2011 5:37PM
SHOW # 1395 November 30 2011
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