SHOW # 1397 December 2 2011


Maybe you saw last night’s Seahawks- Eagles game, maybe you didn’t, but the ‘Hawks won 31- 14, and running back Marshawn Lynch had a lot to do with it.  The man had 148 yards on 22 carries and two touchdowns.  No doubt, Marshawn is the man… and he’s powered by Skittles.  You see, when Marshawn was a kid, playing Pop Warner, his mother would reward him with Skittles every time he scored a touchdown.  While it’s not his mother doing the dirty work, the tradition continues, and Marshawn is given Skittles after every touchdown.  We’ve all got our thing.  WHETHER IT WAS GROWING UP OR NOW, HOW WERE YOU REWARDED AND WAS IT WORTH IT?

OK, so most of the rewards from childhood, and generally, it was all the same stuff… allowances, trips to McDonalds, cash, etc.   Nothing terribly exciting, but we did have one woman call who, basically, was rewarded every time she DIDN’T get her ass kicked.  Her father was “a violent drunk”, and in addition to spanking her and her sisters with his hands, he would use a paddle, occasionally lock her in a closet and very often chase her and her sisters around the house with a loaded gun.  WTF?  Apparently this went on for 10 years… until her mother (who was also abused) got a divorce form this lunatic.

We also had 2 callers whose parents would give them weed (as kids) for doing chores.  Sounds questionable… but I like it!

OK, tonight’s the Holiday Hangover Ball… if you have tickets, I’ll see you there, if you don’t, you’ll probably hear all about it on Monday.  Need to get myself together and prepare for a night that, no doubt, will challenge even OUR drinking prowess.  I think that’s what we like about it!

I’m out.  Have a good weekend, bitches.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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12/02/2011 4:59PM
SHOW # 1397 December 2 2011
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