SHOW # 1403 December 14 2011


The holidays are upon us and with that comes the stress that only the holidays can bring… but it’s not the holidays that are stressful, it’s women’s involvement in the holidays that sucks away the joy and replaces it with stress.  Seriously.  A recent survey of couples found that exactly 0% of men take charge during the holidays, BUT men (secretly) think they could do it better. Why?  Men would eliminate the unnecessary silliness; no cards, less money on gifts, no visits from family and a simplified dinner.  Basically, you’d get a few gifts and enjoy the time away from work.  End of story.  Then again, a survey of women shows that 83% believe that men couldn’t “handle” a monthly period… failing to realize that men, generally speaking, would prepare for something they know will occur every single month at roughly the same time.  Just sayin’.  And a survey from Ivory Soap says that 80% of mothers believe being a mom is more complicated now than it was 20 years ago, but 90% of them believe they do a better job than their mother.  Who knows?  Everybody thinks they could do something better than or as well as anyone else, given the opportunity.  Today we asked you to share:  WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WELL IF GIVEN THE CHANCE?

Thinks he could do sex well… if given the chance!

Believes he could be a radio personality based on the fact that WE are radio personalities… and he is correct

A dog trainer… adopted an unruly mutt and had it sitting, rolling over and all the rest within minutes… says it has to do with giving commands in French.  Works extremely well in France

Could be a mechanical engineer… has two degrees

Thinks he could run a club… loves music and the music scene has been involved for years

Bounty Hunter… likes the idea of kicking down doors and dispensing justice… doesn’t like the idea of being shot at

Music producer… has a natural ear for orchestration and knows what would “sell”

An urban and civic planner… says he could (at worst) do a better job than Seattle

Race NASCAR… drive fast, turn left

Believes he could do voice- over work… sent a Facebook message so we don’t know what he sounds like

My favorite of the day; says that given the chance he could make Justin Bieber’s death look like an accident


So Jeff Ament, from Pearl Jam has just released his first- ever signature bass (a variation of a Thunderbird bass) and the guy who makes them is Mike Lull.  He dropped by the studio today and shared a few stories of his time with various Seattle bands, from Heart, to AiC to Nirvana, etc.  Really cool guy, and as a bass player, I would say he’s doing God’s work.  Anyway, the guy got ME pumped up, so now I’m considering having a custom bass built.  Yea… that’s right.  Just a thought for now, but I’m determined to make it happen.

OK bitches, I’m outta here like Vladimir… whoever Vladimir might be.

Until tomorrow, do it like you mean it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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12/14/2011 5:32PM
SHOW # 1403 December 14 2011
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