SHOW # 1409 December 22 2011

Today we went back in time (time... time...) and revisited some of the funnier, creepier, more pathetic and stranger moments that happened on this very program during 2011.  Ben was the only person who knew what we'd be hearing in advance, but like anything, the moment we heard the clips, the memories came flooding back.  It's that time of the year when, like EVERY year at this time, everyone looks back on the year that was and weighs its pros and cons.  Was it a good year?  Was it a bad year?  Did I achieve my goals?  Did I have any goals to achieve?  Well, good or bad, successful or not, something happened that was more memorable than anything else, and that's what we talked about today:  WHAT IS THE THING YOU'LL REMEMBER MOST FROM THE PAST YEAR?
I think for me it has to be seeing my daughter take her first steps.  I'm always working, day and night, so I was always worried I'd miss those little kid milestones, like walking, talking and the rest.  well, lo- and- behold, my daughter decided to get her walk on on a Sunday.  It was very cool moment... one of those small steps toward being a normal human being.  Now it's proven to be a pain in the ass.  Just sayin'... it was cool then, now it has removed any semblance of relaxation.  If you have a little kid, be warned.
As for you, here are some of your more memorable events and moments:
Almost died in a rip tide in Hawaii... kinda ruins the fun of a vacation
In one week, he lost his job, closed on a house, had a kid and got a new job... helluva week, man
Got hired as a weatherman in Montana... had been looking for 2 years and finally landed a gig... says he was recognized once, but they thought he was the rival weather man, so he was ALMOST recognized
Saw the birth of his first child, but like me, it wasn't the arrival of his child that he remembers so much, but the visual of what his wife's vagina did to produce that baby
Marshawn Lynch's 'beast run' against the Saints in the playoffs
He became a grandfather for the first time
Graduated high school, joined the Army, survived basic in Georgia and will be going to Afghanistan
Got a pair of brand new lungs... has Cystic Fibrosis and has needed new lungs for quite some time and 6 months ago he got them.  He's doing well now
Had sex on the Great Wall of China... I've now added that to my 'bucket list'
Got a divorce in October, met a woman 6 DAYS later and is already married again... says he's happy and has no regrets... we think he's f**king insane
Received a 66% pay raise... discovered that money CAN buy happiness
Broke his back at work... the irony of his injury is that it only happened because he was wearing a SAFETY harness that got tangled up in some machinery
Rode topless on the back of a Harley for 20 miles
Got married in July and says he already hates it... CONGRATULATIONS
Published his first two novels AND bought his first handgun... hasn't EVERYONE done that this year?
Moved here a year ago and said his highlight was discovering our show... I don't know if that's really sad or really flattering?
OK bitches, I'm outta here for the evening!
Until tomorrow, scratch, sniff and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/22/2011 5:42PM
SHOW # 1409 December 22 2011
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