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Picture this; you're 99- years- old and you've been married to your (super sexy) 96- year- old wife for 77 YEARS!  You have 5 children, 12 grand- children and 1 great- grandchild.  Then you find out that your wife had an affair... in the 1940's!  Even though it happened over 70 years ago (and you have one foot in the grave) would you file for divorce?  If you're like the man identified as only Antonio c, the answer is 'yes'.  Apparently he found a stash of his wife's old love letters (again, from the 1940's) and kicked her to the curb.  In November there was a story here in Seattle about an anonymous elderly man who hand- delivered an envelope to sears with $100 inside.  Why; because he's stolen $20 from a cash register there... in the 1940's... and his conscious had been bothering him ever since.  I have a good buddy named Tony... grew up with the guy, discovered a lot of music together, including Mother Love Bone.  Like a lot of people, we were bummed when we learned of Andrew Woods' death.  His death, by the way, was on March 19, 1990.  Tony refuses to listen to Pearl Jam to this day because they 'replaced' Andrew with Eddie Vedder.  Wish I was making that up.  Sometimes there are things we just can't move past, hatchets we won't bury or dead horses we won't stop beating:  WHAT IS IT THAT YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO LET GO?
I hate to admit it, but our old boss in Baltimore... hate the guy and he's the one guy I hate enough that he preoccupies some of my thoughts.  Won't go through all the details, but if there's one person I want to punch in the face, he's the guy.
As for you:
He was on the 'Price is Right'... never made it on stage because every time he bid, someone would bid $1 more
Still angry at Hulk Hogan for pulling Sid Justice out of the ring at Royal Rumble... in 1990
Can't let go of our show, but his wife won't let him listen to us at home... simple solution; kick her out
A- Rod leaving the Mariners
Can't let go of his 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4... maybe you could let go of some of the letters and numbers and just call it your car
Howard Schultz for selling the Sonics
His best friend moving away... went back home to Canada
Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet
The building of Safeco Field... voters said 'no', stadium got built anyway... she won't step into the building ever
Still can't let go of the fact that George W. Bush was RE-elected
Still bitter about how he was treated in the military... supposedly his superiors were fond of him
His wife of 5 years cheated on him with (a) a pedophile who (b) had a hook for a hand... this happened about 5 months ago so he's still PISSED.  To be fair, it's bad enough if your wife cheats on you, but with a PEDOPHILE who has a hook for a hand?  Damn, man
His girlfriend left him for another woman... I know it sucks, but it sounds kinda hot
Someone ran over his dog and and it still cuts deep
Saw his Camaro get stolen 20 years ago... still mad
Owner and proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch joined us today to talk about the 5th brothel he plans to open in the next few months, the Allen Cathouse!
OK bitches, I'm out.
Until tomorrow, there's no taste to the crow you feed me, but STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/04/2012 5:44PM
SHOW # 1412 January 4 2012
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