SHOW # 1413 January 5 2012

One thing that everyone around the world can agree on is that the global economy sucks and financially, times are tough.  Nevertheless, all of us have something we'd like to do in the future that requires us set aside a little extra cash and save money.  Maybe you just have to have the latest tablet (computers are SO last year), or you want a new car or you're saving for your first house.  Maybe you're saving money for a well deserved (?) vacation, or college tuition or maybe you have a kid on the way and you're trying to save money for THAT.  Or maybe, just maybe, you're like Chaz Bono, who's saving money for... wait for it... a new PENIS!  That's right friends, Chaz has a beard, a fine beer belly and explosive back hair growth (seriously), but no penis.  In an interview with "Rolling Stone", it's been revealed that "within a short while, he will finally be able to afford to get himself a penis".  Congratulations... got mine for free.  Anyway, like we said, times are tough all over and everyone is doing what they can to afford that thing you want.  Some people want to go on vacation, some people want a new penis.  Our question:  WHAT ARE YOU SAVING FOR?
For me it's always the same... more tattoos and more bass stuff... bass the INSTRUMENT, not the fish.
Some of the thing you're saving for include:
A $2500 bottle of tequila... I like tequila, but how GOOD can it possibly be?
Saving $3000 for lap band surgery
I understand the first part of this answer, then, all logic is lost on me... they're saving money for an Alaskan cruise... that offers quilting classes (???)
Saving money to visit family in Hawaii
Like me, they're saving money for more tattoos
As a purveyor of sci- fi conventions, no matter where they might be, he's saving money to do a sci- fi convention tour... be sure to hit the Alien Ranch outside of Vegas
Currently saving money to see Pink Floyd in concert in May... in other news, this May, Pink Floyd will be in concert
Saving money for her wedding... just got engaged
Being that his son will turn 21 in early 2015, he's saving $10,000 to take him to the Super Bowl that year
Her and her husband are saving money to take the family to Brazil to meet the part of the family that lives IN Brazil
She and her boyfriend are saving to move from Seattle to Portland
Saving money for a breast reduction... she's an H- cup and needs $25,000
Liposuction and a tummy- tuck

As we do every year, we all made our selections for who WE believe will come out of the closet this year.  We each get three picks and then wait.  If any one of them comes out before 12/31/12 (or 12/21/12 if you believe the Maya stuff) the person who picked them wins $100.  Anyway, here were this year's picks:
TED:  Anderson Cooper, Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Tim Tebow
BEN:  Jim Parsons, Venus Williams and Tyler Perry
MILES:  Queen Latifa, Chris Catan and Jack McBrair
ME:  Sam Champion (Good Morning America), Kevin Spacey and Robin Roberts (Good Morning America)
Now you know.
I'm outta here bitches.  Keep it real or make it real.
Until tomorrow, take it, leave it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/05/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1413 January 5 2012
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