SHOW # 1419 January 13 2012

So Khloie Kardashian is at the center of a rumor that just won't go away; after her mother admitted to being a bit of a whore during her marriage to Robert Kardashian, rumors started swirling that Khloie's biological father might be one of the random dudes her mother threw some ass to.  There are various reasons that people are claiming that there might be some validity to this, but the REAL reason people are prone to believe it (and no one will just SAY it) is because Khloie is SO inexplicably ugly compared to her sisters that a different father would explain a LOT.  That's the long- and- short of it; her sisters are good looking and she looks like the unfortunate confluence of hair, gristle and girth.  Then we stumbled upon a letter to Carolyn Hax at the Seattle P.I. Basically it's a letter from a kid who wants advice for how to handle a family situation where his older brother came out of the closet and religious mother freaked out and kicked him out of the house and "revoked" his staus in the family... JUST like Jesus would do!  Take a moment to think about your own family... who's the first person you'd believe is NOT related to you?  Why?  Too smart?  Too dumb?  In jail?  Ugly as sh*t?  IN MY FAMILY, IT WOULDN'T SURPRISE ME TO LEARN THAT ________________ ISN'T RELATED TO ANY OF US.
I'm sure that everyone in my family would say that I'M the person who has no blood- relation to the rest of them... with the exception of the family resemblance.  I've always been the "weird" one in the family, although, from my perspective, they're all really weird.  I don't know how it happened, but I have a MUCH different perspective than everyone else.  I'm cool with it.
As for you:
He's hoping that he's adopted because the rest of his family is a "bunch of douche- bags"
His middle brother has to be from someone else's loins... everyone in the family is tall and lean, but his brother is 5- foot- seven and looks like Jack Black
HIM... he's 6', green eyes and light brown hair, the rest of the family is short, dark- haired and dark- eyed
Believes his crack- head cousin is not of blood relation
Found out that 5 years ago that her grandfather was not her grandfather... turns out that her biological grandfather is a guy she knows
When he was 21- years- old, he found out that his brother had a different father
Based on the fact that his family is a clan of slackers, he believes that HE must be of different blood because he's motivated
Everyone thinks that his cousin is his sister.. no big deal, man, they could think that your sister is your wife or that your wife is your sister or, worse, find out that your wife IS your sister
At age 14, she found out that her 2 cousins were her brothers
Basically, this is what happened today; we asked HYPOTHETICALLY who you thought might not be from the same genetic cloth... what we got was the radio version of The Jerry Springer Show.  Turns out that the whole 'hypothetical' part went out the window and we pretty much heard ridiculous true stories of people finding out that they are not who they thought they were or their parents are entirely different than they'd been led to believe.  If we knew THAT, we'd have just asked 'when did you find out you no one in your family is related the way you thought?'  Thing is, we didn't think there were enough people in that situation to warrant a show... and we were wrong.
OK, it's Friday bitches and I'm ready to get this weekend started.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/13/2012 5:47PM
SHOW # 1419 January 13 2012
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