SHOW # 1426 January 25 2012

You've probably heard that, like a teenage boy waking from his first wet dream, the Sun formed a coronal mass ejection... or as we call it, a solar flare.  Scientists are saying it's the most powerful solar storm since 2005.  Every time one of these things happen, scientists worry about the electronics in satellites and the power grids here on terra firma, while airlines have been diverting flights to avoid any disruptions to their communication or navigation systems.  The COOL result of solar flares is that areas of the world that don't normally get treated to the aerial tie- dye known as the Northern Lights, have the chance to see them.  We almost had the opportunity here in Seattle early Tuesday morning, but the clouds c*ck- blocked us.  Anyway, every- so- often the Sun gets a bit explosive... which isn't all that different than your average human being.  Every- once- in- a- while we, too, explode, and like the concern with solar flares, there's often reason to be concerned with collateral damage.  That's what our solar- powered question is all about today:  WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU EXPLODED?
Not trying to be lazy, but today's stories, while pretty good across the board, are way too involved and detailed for me to try to explain... just wont do them justice.
The question is, what should I talk about instead?  Hmmmm?
Tell you what... if you have a suggestion for things you'd like me to cover in the blog, lemme know.
I'll leave you with that.
Until tomorrow, read it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/25/2012 5:50PM
SHOW # 1426 January 25 2012
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