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Everyone is familiar with Pat Sajak, the perpetually goofy host of "wheel of Fortune".  Sajak has  hosted "Wheel" since 1981 and he went down 'memory lane' about his 30+ years on the show recently during a TV interview.  The one bit of information that has grabbed everyone's attention is his admission that he and Vanna White used to host the show completely drunk.  Yea, BOTH of them.  In a nutshell, like most game shows, "Wheel" records several episodes a day, so when they got their dinner break, Pat and Vanna would go across the street to a Mexican restaurant, pound Margaritas and come back hammered for the next taping... and apparently, NO ONE noticed.  Then there's academy and Emmy Award winning screen- writer and producer Aaron Sorkin, the man behind A few Good Men, Moneyball, The Social Network, The West Wing and countless other titles.  What's the secret to his success?  According to Aaron it involves lots of weed and mushrooms.  Get really, really stoned, write some stuff, win awards.  Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jim Henson, Lewis Carrol, the Declaration of Independence... many people and many things we describe as 'great' or 'legendary' are the DIRECT result of drugs or alcohol.  Today we wanted to hear your contribution:  THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER ACCOMPLISHED UNDER THE INFLUENCE WAS ___________.
This will sad sound sad (to some) but I honestly cannot think of a single significant achievement in my life where I was not drunk or high or both.  Wish I were kidding, but I'm not.  I'm OK with that though because as we recalled the history of our country, the same is true.  Why did the pilgrims stop at Plymouth Rock?  They'd run out of beer.  Where did the Continental Congress meet to write and sign the Declaration of Independence?  A bar.  Why did John Hancock write his signature so big?  Drunk and pissed.  What did George Washington farm?  Hemp.  On and on it goes.  Seems to me that when our dear "leaders" got all politically correct and stopped doing things drunk or high, we really haven't achieved much as a nation.  Is it just me?
As for you:
Learned to draw while spending 3 years on a cocaine bender
Aced a surprise math test in college while drunk
Earned his PhD thanks to drugs
Had to take a mandatory drug class WHILE tripping on acid
Wrote his sister's acceptance letter to U of W while high as a kite
Was at a party and prevented a RAPE while drunk out of his mind
She's an artist and a writer, so being under the influence is what she calls 'working conditions'
Got high and check- mated his friend in 6 moves in chess
Interviewed for and got a job with Boeing while high... not sure if that brings me comfort or freaks me out
Got drunk on a golf course (which is like saying I pooped in a bathroom) and hit a hole- in- one
Delivered his high school graduation speech while high on weed and drunk on rum... got a standing ovation
Managed to arrange a three- way with twins... if he was REALLY drunk it involved twin men
Got really drunk and hit a 7-10 split behind his back... showoff
Had to paddle a canoe 60 miles drunk... the ONLY way I'd paddle a canoe 60 miles is drunk
Comedian Neil Brennan joined us in studio today and we had a blast.  Very funny guy, but then, he's the guy behind 'Half Baked', the 'Chappelle Show', etc.  One of the things we learned about him is that he enjoys a clean ass and therefore owns a bidet.  He espoused all of the glories of owning one so we figured we'd spread the word with a link to the very bidet he owns:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Tomorrow is Friday and that is awesome.
Until tomorrow, sleep with one eye open and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/26/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1427 January 26 2012
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