SHOW # 1431 February 2 2012

According to court documents , Pilar Sanders, the soon- to- be- ex- wife of NFL great Deion Sanders, is asking a judge to force Deion to give her money so she can financially support herself and her children.  She also claims that Deion has only offered her money in exchange for sexual favors.  It should be noted that nowhere in the court filings does she consider getting a JOB.  Deion hasn't responded to her sex- for- money accusations, but there's no reason to NOT believe her BECAUSE THAT'S HOW IT WORKS!  We've been saying                 his show, but guys wanna get laid... that's why we ask you out on a date, pay for dinner, sit through sappy movies, endure dumb sh*t like Valentine's Day and deal with your nagging.  Yes, we love you, but we REALLY love that sweet, sweet eel skinner.  And you KNOW it.  The promise of sex is man's primary motivator to co- exist.  It's why porn exists and why most Hollywood types are hotter than they are talented, it's why Weigh watchers and L.A. Fitness exist, it's why make- up exists.  And now we have Pilar Sanders pretending she doesn't understand the most basic of all human equations.  What's the oldest profession?  And why do you think that is?  Today we asked you to drop the pretense, dispense the with the fake morality and give it to us straight:  WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN OR DONE WITH THE EXPECTATION OF SEX?
Here's what we heard:
Paid a woman a compliment
Gave up the single life and expects to be compensated with booty
Went to see 'Mama Mia'... got laid but said it wasn't worth it
Woman called to say "expect nothing"... which works both ways
Set foot in North Carolina... been to North Carolina, no ass in the UNIVERSE is worth a second trip
Drank gluten- free beer LITE beer... like North Carolina, it ain't worth it
Sat through an entire season of 'Sex and the City'... not worth it
Went to the theatre to see 'Twilight'... almost walked out but endured it and got laid
Everything he's done since the age of 14 (the age of 'discovery) is to get laid
She put on lingerie and stood in the doorway... her husband (at the time) preferred video games.  We asked if she's an ugly pig and she said no, but come on.
Spelled out "I kiss the ground you walk on" with Hershey Kisses... got nothing.  Maybe she recognized how sad it was
Took her on a $200 'dinner train' ride... all was going well until his credit card was declined
On prom night he ran over and killed his dates cat (by accident) after the prom but on the way to the after party... HE STILL GOT LAID... either she hated the cat or he is the smoothest son of a bitch EVER!
Got drugs for a chick in Bangkok... never found out if he got laid, but that's the dangerous endeavor
OK, I'm outta here to work on a 'special, secret' project.
Until tomorrow, stand your ground motherf**ker and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/02/2012 6:05PM
SHOW # 1431 February 2 2012
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