SHOW # 1432 February 3 2012

So super Bowl XLVI (46, bitches) is this Sunday, and as good as the game SHOULD be, featuring a rematch of Super Bowl XLII (42, bitches), when the Giants ruined the Patriots dream of the perfect season... most of what's being talked about is the Madonna halftime performance (whoopty- f**king- do) and the commercials... same as every year.  Oddly enough, the game itself has become the least anticipated part of the, well, GAME.  Nevertheless, people find SOMETHING to get excited about.  Commercials, halftime "entertainment", a Super Bowl PARTY, their new TV, whatever.  For people who HATE football, you're probably looking forward to a merciful end to the football season.  There will always be something we get excited about, and if we're lucky, it's worth the anticipation... but it isn't always.  Today's question:  WHAT DID YOU GET HYPED UP FOR AND DID IT MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS?
Looking very forward to his HD/ 3-D TV... not sure wht to make of these new 3-D tv's... are they worth it?  Are shows any better in three dimensions?
Bought an Audi R8 and loves it
His divorce... said it was worth it.  Of COURSE it was worth it... still one of the best moments of my adult life
Was super- excited to see spider- Man 3... was completely let down.  Who wasn't?  That movie was truly one of the worst excuses for a trilogy ender ever
Was excited for his first concert... and he loved it, in spite of the fact the concert featured Poison, Damn Yankees and Lifehouse
Looked forward to seeing Steve Miller in concert a few years back and was sorely disappointed.... said Steve brought a rapper out on stage to redo "Fly Like an Eagle" and then went into endless guitar solos
Very hyped for his date tonight... he's hoping to lose his virginity
Looked forward to combat, as in the real life and death kind... says it was more extreme than he thought.  Yea, I'll bet it was
Couldn't wait for his honeymoon in Jamaica... said it was worth it
Like me, he used to get all excited about the Pay- per- View Mike Tyson fights back in the day... LOVED Tyson but it was always a rip-off because he beat the sh*t outta everyone in less than a round.  Always paid for his fights though
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Gotta get up at 5 or something tomorrow for a 7 o'clock flight.  Going to the Super Bowl.  Should be cool.  More importantly I need to grab 2 shot glasses, 1 from Minnesota and 1 from Indiana.
We're taking Monday off so we can avoid talking about f**king commercials.  If you feel you need to hear about commercials, mark my words, EVERY OTHER radio show in the country will be talking about it.  Lame.
Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/03/2012 6:25PM
SHOW # 1432 February 3 2012
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