SHOW # 1434 February 8 2012

Paris Hilton had one, so did Brittney Spears, Paula Abdul, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff and countless other fools you'll find on the pages of 'People' magazine or see featured on 'Entertainment tonight', and as a result, they inspired a generation of trendy goofballs to do the same... and now, over breeding of CHIHUAHUAS in Southern California has led to their numbers skyrocketing.  Thousands of the dogs are ending up in shelter, and we all know what that means... dead Chihuahuas.  It's gotten so ridiculous that the Seattle Humane society has accepted 84 Chihuahuas from Los Angeles shelters in the last 4 months alone.  Yes, thank you Paris Hilton.  Like it or not, we've all been influenced by someone or something to make a decision that we'd later regret... whether it's the Haney family, who were so desperate for a reality show, that they convinced the world (and more importantly, the AUTHORITIES) that their son was dragged away and crashed inside of a balloon or the not- so- bright young girls who are intentionally getting pregnant for their shot on "16 and Pregnant".  Today we wanted to know:  WHO OR WHAT WAS YOUR WORST INFLUENCE?
His friend got him into weed and smoking... I don't personally know anyone who started drinking or smoking (anything) on their own, so inevitably, SOMEONE will get the rap for getting you into it
'A Christmas Story' inspired him to stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole... which would make more sense to me if 'A Christmas Story' made it look awesome, but it didn't
Grew up watching Evil Kineval, which led him to break four bones, get numerous stitches, 2 broken bicycles and 1 totaled dirt- bike
Ice- T... inspired him to use the word 'bitch' liberally... things went wrong when he called his mother that word and he got a backhand to the mouth and a fat lip
Claims that South Park got him into weed... and killing kids name Kenny
Used to be a 'goody- goody' until her "guy friends" got her into water-balloons, etc, and now she is a merry prankster
Father made him an aggressive driver
His mother got him drunk at his 12TH birthday party... he became an alcoholic and almost died at age 20.  No longer drinks
The first time he tried acid, meth, booze or smoked weed he did it with his father... his father is currently in jail, which I know is shocking!
OK, had 'that' kind of day, so I'm outta here, bitches!
Until tomorrow, as you wind on down the road STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/08/2012 5:48PM
SHOW # 1434 February 8 2012
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