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The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA, has a policy against mascots "deemed hostile or abusive toward Native Americans".  Schools that don't comply face all manner of penalties if they don't comply, but that hasn't prevented the University of North Dakota from deciding to continue using its nickname, the Fighting Sioux.  The NCAA says it's offensive to the Sioux Nation... but do you know who DOESN'T find it offensive... the SIOUX NATION!  They actually SUPPORT the name, but the NCAA feels they know how the Sioux feel better than the Sioux know how they feel, so the U of SD still faces sanctions.  Closer to home, the funeral for Charlie and Braden Powell, the 7 and 5- year- old sons killed by their father Josh Powell earlier this week, is to be picketed by the worthless fools known as the Westboro Baptist Church.  The Westboro Baptist Church is the anti- gay 'church' that pickets the funerals of fallen combat soldiers, contending that that their deaths are God's punishment for America's 'tolerance' of homosexuality.  Then there's the story of the Pitball Owners Association of America protesting McDonald's after the Mickey D's aired a commercial suggesting that petting a stray pitbull is a bad idea.  They say that the ad made pitbulls look bad... because, you know, they had such a stellar reputation before that.  My dog is half pit and I happen to like pitbulls... I also happen to agree with McDonald's that petting a stray one is a stupid idea.  And there's the whole gay marriage thing.  With Washington poised to become the 9th state to legalize their right to lose half their stuff in the future, a group of anti- gay marriage crusaders are threatening to take their fight to the Supreme Court... as is their right.  We just wonder how gay marriage effects anyone who is NOT gay?  The argument is that it defies the accepted definition of 'marriage'... which, in all fairness, it might... but we're left to wonder why they dont defend the definition of 'equal rights' with the same zeal.  WHO OR WHAT BOTHERS YOU THAT HAS NO EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE?
For me it's Kate Gosslin.  I don't know why and I'm not sure how it happened, but I hate her guts, find her worthless, offensive and generally annoying.  She has absolutely, positively nothing to do with my life... but I can't stand her.  Sam thing with Uggs.  I have no idea why, but they just piss me off.  It's not the shoes as much as the people who wear them.  For whatever reason, I associate them with stupidity and laziness... which is probably not true, but I can't shake the opinion.
Like most well- rounded people, he has a problem with the Westboro Baptist Church
Is opposed to people who are opposed to gay marriage
French people... not sure why, but it seems like no one likes the French
CEO's, athletes and 'celebrities', etc, who make a ton of money with no talent... to be fair, athletes have to have SOME talent to make money AS an athlete
Spencer Pratt (remember him?)... says he wants to, and I quote, "kick, punch, stab, shoot and slap him" in that order in the "middle of his face"
The Duggar family and their 827 kids
'The Real Housewives of...'  They bug me too.  Don't know why, but I hate them.  Seems like they glorify being a gold- digger
Kanye West and his ego... I used to agree with that, but I find him comical now, although I don't think that's Kanye's goal
People who wear sweatpants in public... believes they are the definition of 'sloth'.  Maybe they just sweat a lot
Public displays of affection... holding hands a quick peck are fine, but the visual exchange of tongues makes the man mad... not 'the ,MAN', but the particular man who called in to complain
That's what I've got today.
Tomorrow is Fridizzle, bitches!
Until tomorrow, swallow it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/09/2012 5:42PM
SHOW # 1435 February 9 2012
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02/09/2012 7:13PM
Westboro Baptist Church And Pitbulls
I am truly sad to part of the human race, after hearing about the Westboro Baptist Church's decision to protest the funeral of the children of (a piece of ****) Josh Powel. Have they no decency or respect? it is appalling that they are seeking only to further their biased beliefs at the expense of the innocent children who were murdered by thier own father? These people need to pick up a dictionary and look up the words Intollerance and Tolerance, and know that just because you have the "right" to protest, it does'nt give you the right to twist a murderer's actions to suit your need for media coverage. It has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality , and for them to try to relate the two together is simply ludicrous. It makes me wonder what educational level the leader of this "so called church" has and what they are trying to hide. What really bothers me is that the media is going to cover the events of this group of ignorance and intollerance thereby promoting their beliefs. On a different subject I am almost 48 years old and raised Pittbulls for many years I bread quality show dogs and I never had any problem with the disposition or attitude with any of the dogs I raised as family members ( because thats what they were). I am amazed at the level of ignorance of this world and it saddens me to no end that people do not understand that I could take a chihuahua and turn it into the most vicious little ankle bitter anyone has ever seen if I chose to do so. It is how you raise an animal and the love or lack thereof that determines what it becomes. Ban The Deed Not the Breed my friend.
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