SHOW # 1437 JULY 24 2012

I believe he's scheduled to land around but 6 tonight, but rest assured that President Obama will be in Seattle tonight as part of a fundraising trip.  If you happen to be a good friend of Costco co- founder Jim Sinegal OR you have $35,000 to spend on dinner, you can hang with El Presidente.  If that seems a little steep, you can just shell out $5000 to go to a reception a little later.  Oddly enough, Obama will be talking about the state of the economy... which is silly if you're talking to people who can shell out %5000 to $35,000 for a $40 meal.  Might be talking to the wrong people.  Are politicians out of motherf**king touch?  Nah.  Hell, the Wall Street Journal just released a survey that says 78% of Americans plan on driving their current car for at least the next 10 years, with 36% of people saying they were gonna drive their car until it just dies.  Why?  Everyone surveyed cited the economy as the reason.  Today we decided to talk money... or a lack of money.  We didn't mean money you owe to some faceless bank, we're talking money you owe to a friend or relative... or the money that a friend or relative owes you.  WHAT IS THE MOST MONEY YOU HAVE EITHER BORROWED OR LENT, AND WAS IT EVER PAID BACK?
Loaned $500 to a friend in Germany... then the guy died
Between 3 people, he loaned out $9000 within 10 days... surprisingly, only one guy still owes him any money
Borrowed $7800 from his uncle to take his mother and father on a guided elk hunting trip in New Mexico... at a rate of $100 a month, he's been paying his uncle back and only owes $100.  When he first called, he said he borrowed $780,000 for that hunting trip.  After about 5 minutes of questioning him on how and why a hunting trip could possibly cost that much, he realized he'd over- stated the amount
In the form of money and guns, he's loaned about $3000 to friends... has seen NONE of it returned
Owed a family member $300 and paid them back... in a strange twist, that same family member now owes him $5200 and has NOT paid him back
Her mother lent a family "friend" $100,000 (a bad, bad idea) to buy a house in Florida and "get her act together"... the house is now worth $35,000 and the "friend" hasn't paid back a dime
Lent $2500 to his girlfriend's mother to go to the Philippines for a funeral... she returned home and didn't pay him back.  Naturally, he was getting a little irritated, a lot more irritated when she went to the casino.  As it happens, she won $14,000 and paid him $5000 back
Loaned some broad $500... never saw her again
Sent $1200 to a woman for a plane ticket... can't say whether or not she bought a plane ticket, but if she did, it wasn't to see HIM
Lent his girlfriend $340... never saw her again
Mom stole her $30,000 inheritance that was supposed to be for her college tuition... instead, mom bought a new Audi
So, you bought Poison's "Open Up and Say Ahhh" and thought you were pretty cool?  You weren't.  Poison sucked then, they suck now and a certain record store in Chicago will let you know what other poor musical decisions you made with their list of albums and artist to never buy back. 
Jolene has the list here:
Alright bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, me love you long time, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/24/2012 6:42PM
SHOW # 1437 JULY 24 2012
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