SHOW # 1441 Fabruary 17 2012


In Suffolk, England, a 25- year- old woman named Marie Knight enters pretty much every contest she comes across, which adds up to about 100 a day. In the last 3 years she's won more than $15,000 in prizes. She calls it her 'hobby'. In California, a guy named James Labrecque is a serial- seller of items on eBay. Whatever he finds, he puts it up on eBay and makes money. Recently he sold an old safe he found for $122. The guy who bought it welded it open and found $26,000 in cash! James wasn't too happy about that, but he continues to sell stuff for the extra cash. Speaking of cash, the average price of a movie ticket is $8, and as a result, fewer people are going to the movies. Of those who still go to the movie, about a third of them are sneaking in their own snacks to avoid paying the ridiculously inflated prices at the snack bar. Nothing new; some of us sneak flasks into sporting events, carry our own booze onto planes, shop at Goodwill, make our own furniture, etc, all in an effort to save money. Today's question: WHERE DO YOU CUT CORNERS OR WHAT DO YOU DO TO SAVE MONEY?
Checks out the merchandise at stores and then orders what he wants online
Buys his weed in bulk and saves... think Costco, only illegal
Now shops at second- hand shops
Drinks at home instead of at the bar
Started bringing his lunch to work
Takes public transportation on game days instead of dropping $30 to park
She self- waxes her delicate cookie... that would be her VAGINA
Never turns the heat on and makes his own furniture
Discovered the joys of grocery outlets
Rolls his own cigarettes... bought a roller for $60 3 years ago and can crank out about 200 smokes (1 carton) in about an hour. Said the savings have been through the roof
He steals stuff from junkyards
Goes to the library for books and DVD's... figures we pay for libraries anyway, might as well use them
Made $13,000 recycling stuff... we don't know what the time span was on that
As a silk screener, he gets a lot of clothing wholesale and his wife works in the food industry so they get a lot of cheap food and cheap clothing... they're fat but well dressed
Works as a remodeler and keeps all the materials so he can remodel his own home
My personal favorite: her ex- husband would buy off- brand deodorant sticks... when he went through enough of them, he'd melt down their remains and form a new stick. He would do this in her expensive cookware that she prepared their food in
OK bitches, it's Friday and we're staring down the barrel of a 3- day weekend.
Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/17/2012 5:59PM
SHOW # 1441 Fabruary 17 2012
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