SHOW # 1443 Fabruary 22 2012

Comedian David Cross recently admitted that during the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner, he snorted cocaine in the same room as President Obama and his Secret Service detail.  The long and short of his motivation was so that he could say he did it... and now he's done it.  Kind of a gutsy thing to do, but you know what else is gutsy... outdoor sex.  We go to Houston, where warren Moon's ex-wife, Felicia, was busted on Monday for having sex with some random dude in a field off of a popular horse trail.  Anyway, Felicia and her accomplice were arrested for public lewdness.  A couple in Portland were arrested on similar charges on Valentine's Day when witnesses and police mistook their kidnapping role- play fantasy for an actual kidnapping.  It took a lot of explaining, but eventually the cops were convinced that they were, in fact, living out a sexual fantasy and no crime had actually been committed... except disorderly conduct because they did it in public.  Today's question:  WHERE IS THE MOS RIDICULOUS PLACE YOU'VE DONE SOMETHING BAD?
I've done a lot of "bad" things in very public places, but the one I'm proudest of was taking a leak on Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I wasn't particularly sneaky about it... it was broad daylight, plenty of people around, but I went for it anyway, explaining to anyone who complained that I was a Ravens fan.  Didn't endear me to anyone there, but they were all Steelers fans, so who cares?
As for you:
Had sex in the handicap Honey Bucket... later he put two condoms on and fell sleep with them.  Woke up the next morning and his junk had turned black... and not in a good way
Shot Roman candles off at a state park... while tripping on acid... in a cave
STOOD in the drive- thru of a Jack- in- the- Box while doing bong rips and ordering food
Had sex while driving down Highway 410 in Enumclaw
Sex in front of 13 Coins and at a Metro park & Ride
Had sex on the Great Wall of China
Was masturbating on the sofa when his wife's cousin walked in
Used dish soap to rub one out (Palm Olive, ironically enough) but fell asleep before washing it off... woke up with his d*ck burning
Had sex in a church daycare... at night
Sex in the garden section of K- Mart
As a volunteer firefighter he once arranged a three- way on top of a fire truck
Lit a joint in the City County Building in Tacoma... as he got off the elevator, a group of cops walked in
Stole a doily from the Kremlin... sounds goofy, but that's gutsy
As a kid, he pooped next to his parents chimney and wiped his ass with a Kit Kat wrapper...  yes, this was my favorite story of the day
OK bitches, New Original's practice tonight.  It's our last one before the gig on Friday (at Studio 7) so let's hope we don't suck.  Come down to the show and see for yourself!
Until tomorrow, lick it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/22/2012 6:40PM
SHOW # 1443 Fabruary 22 2012
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