SHOW # 1447 February 28 2012

Former Seattle resident and "Almost Live" player Bill Nye (the science guy) was in the news earlier this week.  Seems that in spite of breaking up with his girlfriend back in 2006, she's just crazy enough that he's STILL dealing with her.  Allegedly, she stole several expensive items from his house, including his laptop, and then went textbook psycho and did things like poison his rose bushes with herbicide.  She also seems to have a problem following the rules of a court- sanctioned protective order.  Long- story- short, after 6 years, Bill is back in court trying to wash his hands of this crazy broad.  Speaking of crazy broads, actress Sean Young, the woman who played Gordon Gekko's wife in Wall Street, the transvestite kicker in Ace Ventura; Pet Detective and, for nerds like myself, the main chick in Blade Runner, is well- known throughout Hollywood... for being a f**king whack- job.  First clue was in the 1980's when she stalked James Wood (who was engaged at the time), but she elevated her game when she left a disfigured doll on his doorstep... and she's remained in that elevated state of bonkers ever since.  This past Sunday she was arrested outside of the Governor's Ball post- Oscar party.  She wasn't invited (because most guests agreed that they weren't in the mood to be stabbed in the eye with a fork) but refused to leave when asked by security.  Like any nut job worth their weight in crazy, Sean blamed everyone else.  Bless her little socks.  Basically, she just won't leave Hollywood's elite alone.  This brings us to today's question; whether it's an ex, a co- worker, parents, kids, a neighbor, we want to know:  WHO IS IT THAT JUST WONT LEAVE YOU THE HELL ALONE?
Here are some of the ridiculous stories we heard today:
Hooked up with a lesbian in Oklahoma back in 2002... to this day the woman is stalking her, or TRYING to anyway... she moved from OK to Washington to escape her.  Had 4 restraining orders against her and it didn't help
A woman he "dated" for 2 weeks about a month ago has texted him 2000 in the last month... 2000 TIMES!!!
Her bosses father hovers over her all day at work, but not for work purposes, if you know what I'm saying
Had an online stalker for over a year on a gaming site... turns out it was a 13- year- old kid
The Seattle Times... their sales department calls him 5 or 6 times a week, every week
His co-worker won't leave him alone... they hung out once and now the guy won't leave him alone
His buddy's girlfriend's friend proposed to him after knowing him for ONE DAY... he had his friend call her and tell her that he'd been arrested on warrants and would be in jail for at least 5 years... she said she'd wait
Has a lifelong restraining order against a woman... how f**king crazy do you have to be to get a judge to agree to a lifelong restraining order?
She met a stalker online... wouldn't stop texting her... turns out he's a registered sex offender under supervision
California Mormon Church... born and raised in Cali as a Mormon, got older, saw through the sales pitch and left the church... they tracked her down and harassed her until she moved out of state and changed her name
For my money, this is the creepiest tale of the day:  some broad from back in the day has his homework from high school plastered all over her walls.  WTF!?!?
Pink Floyd has put out a really, really cool collection of demos and stuff from back in the day and Jolene brought some samples in for us.  Here's a link to the coolness:
Alright bitches, trivia night.  Gotta go pretend I'm all smart and sh*t.
Until tomorrow, devil horns high and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/28/2012 5:55PM
SHOW # 1447 February 28 2012
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