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Davey Johnson, lead singer of the Monkees, died this morning at the age of 66.  If you're under the age of, say, 35, there's a good chance that you don't care.  Hell, I'm 43, and beyond the general tenet of humanity that compells us to not feel celebratory that someone has died, I don't care much.  The Monkees were a bit before my time, and my introduction them was via a cameo by Davey on the Brady Bunch.  Oddly enough, Jimi Hendrix's first American tour was opening for the Monkees.  Anyway, plenty of people have no idea who the hell Davey Jones is... was.  Then again, I kept hearing about some 'dude' named Taylor Swift who was tearing it up in the world of country.  I was a bit shocked to discover that 'he' was a 'her'.  On that note, Ted and I were all stoked to watch one of the late night talk shows a few years ago because some "really hot sounding chick" named Shia LeBouf was gonna be interviewed.  We figured that with a name like Shia LeBouf, she must be a Victoria's Secret model or something similar.  Lucky for us, someone called into the show to let us know that 'she' was a he.  Clearly, I'm not bragging here, but it leads to today's question:  I MAY HAVE BEEN THE LAST PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO DIDN'T KNOW WHO ___________ WAS.
Thought Chris Brown was a woman... some of us would argue that "he" is
Had no idea who Willow Smith was... the reason it's ironic is because he's a guy who emails us all the time with Will Smith quotes
Was in Iraq for 18 months and came home to hear about the Kardashian family... about 4 months later he figured it out.  I bet he'd rather be in Iraq
As a lifelong Seattle resident he found out who Kurt Cobain was when it was announced that he'd died
Didn't know who Phil Spectre was until he went on trial for murder... I don't think he's alone
Didn't know who Billy Crystal was until the Oscars this past Sunday
Like me, he had absolutely no idea who Rebecca Black was... I still kinda don't know
Never familiar with Hunter S. Thompson until recently and now it's all he hears about
Swears he's the last person to find out who Lady GaGa was... assumed it was the title of a rock opera
Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus... right there with ya
Didn't know Jimi Hendrix was black until last year... was blown away
Discovered who Robert Downey Jr. was three WEEKS ago... saw the latest Sherlock Holmes flick and commented to his girlfriend that the lead actor was "pretty good"
JUST found out who Mitt Romney is THIS WEEK... and she's in college... and has two kids.  We should also point out that when asked who our current vice- President is, she had no idea and offered up John McCain.  She proves the point of this article:
I'll leave you with that.
OK bitches, taking the wife out for a Valentine's Day dinner... only 15 days later!
Until tomorrow, rip it out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/29/2012 5:48PM
SHOW # 1448 February 29 2012
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