SHOW # 1451 March 5 2012

The Seahawks made fans happy and made a wise decision when they re-signed running back Marshawn Lynch to a 4- year, $31 million dollar contract over trhe weekend.  $18 million of it is guaranteed.  While the money is (really, really, REALLY f**king) nice, we know that Marshawn is equally happy (OK, probably not) about the idea of getting free Skittles for the rest of his football- playing life.  The man likes Skittles... a LOT.  Imagine if we were all rewarded for our loyalty to a service or practice.  Ted would have all the Miller Lite he could drink, Miles would be forever regular with free Metamucil, Ben would be forever constipated with free cheese and I'd be dead in two years for all the free Marlboro Reds.  Then again, those might not be the products we'd choose.  It's more likely that Ted would select a lifetime membership to the Bunny Ranch, Miles would choose free Triple X burgers, Ben would stick with cheese and I'd pick free tattoos... or maybe free bass repair.  Today we wanted to know:  IF YOU COULD PICK ONE PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO GET FOR FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE?
Free acupuncture... says it helps with his chronic bad knees and bad back... but not his inability to wear underwear under his kilt
Tillamook Beef Jerky... never had it, but I love me some jerky
Hunting tags and licenses... already spent $300 this year
Pepsi... no Coke, no RC, no Jones, just Pepsi
Free glass- blowing... says glass- blowing is his favorite hobby...  actor Ron Glass LOVES the idea
Wants Nike products for life... points out that Nike also owns Converse, Hurely and Cole Haan
She wants free health care
Wants free Top Pot donuts
Lifetime Verizon services
Concert tickets to any rock show put on by KISW
Free health care for his kids for life... sounds really noble, until he points out that he's just pissed that he's already spent $10,000 on braces
Wants computer upgrades from Fry's... specifically video cards so he can stay on the "cutting edge"... I'm not savvy enough to know
OK bitches, gots ta go!
You've been swell.  Until tomorrow, kiss a crook and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/05/2012 6:03PM
SHOW # 1451 March 5 2012
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