SHOW # 1452 March 6 2012

There's 'soda', there's 'pop' and there's 'soda pop'.  There's also 'hella', and 'very'.  What you say and how you speak is usually the result of where you live or where you grew up.  A linguistics researcher from Ohio State, using Twitter (a sign of a true researcher) determined what areas of the country are more likely to use certain terms in place of others.  He really only asked about 'hella' and 'pop' (remember, Twitter only allows 140 characters or less for his 'research') but there are plenty of colloquialisms out there.  If a guy from the northeast asks you if you want a slice of pie, he's more likely talking about pizza than he is a dessert.  If someone from rural America talks about a wet spicket, he's not insulting illegal immigrants, he's talking about their faucet, and if someone from the deep south asks about a po- boy, they're not concerned poor black children living in poverty, they're asking if you want a sub, and not an actual submarine, but a grinder... you know, a SANDWICH.  And on the east coast, a half- rack is a one- breasted woman while here in Seattle it's a 12- pack of beer.  Today we wanted to know what kind of balderdash you loggerheaded moldwarps spew forth that make sense to nigh:  WHAT WORD OR PHRASE DO YOU USE OR USED TO USE THAT NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO?
Here are some of the words you use that bring you weird looks:
Uses the word 'thong' in place of 'flip- flops'
In Wisconsin, a 'bubbler' is a water fountain... everywhere else, a 'bubbler' is a bong
He's from California where the word 'splody' refers to ejaculation... he in the Pacific Northwest, 'spody' refers to alcoholic punch... he didn't know this, so when a group of guys he'd met asked him if he wanted to go to a 'spody' party, he immediately declined.  When he was asked again a few weeks later he considered moving back to California
In Canada, a 'Chesterfield' refers to a sofa, so when he said 'have a seat on the chesterfield', he was met with strange looks
She's from Scranton, PA (so, so sorry) and gets weird looks when she talks about eating 'wimpies'... 'wimpies' equal 'Sloppy Joes'
His wife is from Indiana and she calls cantaloupe 'musk melon'... oddly enough, I use both 'cantaloupe' and 'musk melon' to refer to (.)(.)'s
Loves to use the word 'mondo', as in 'mondo burrito'
Grandparents use to refer to the 'fridge as 'an ice box'
My favorite term of the day:  mouth- hug'... do the math
Jolene joined us today for Sit and Spin and brought us one of the more interesting ones we've done in a while.  It involved 5 songs that have popular meanings that, in fact, are completely wrong.  Here's the link:
OK bitches, trivia night for me so I'm outty, as they say.  I don't know who 'they' are but some people say 'outty'.
Until tomorrow, L.I.L.A.C. and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/06/2012 5:39PM
SHOW # 1452 March 6 2012
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