SHOW # 1454 March 8 2012

Pat Robertson, the evangelical lunatic behind the "700 Club" has a lot of off- the- wall, misguided and downright INSANE things over the years, like comparing what the Nazi's did to the Jews druing WW II to what Democrats are doing to Christians in America, or that Christians should consider dropping a nuke (albeit, a "small nuke") on the U.S. State Department or the God that God might wipe Disney World from the Earth via a meteor (although technically it would have to be a meteorITE) because of the so-called "gay days" at the park.  That's just the tip of Robertson's freak iceberg.  I used to feel extremely confident that whatever came out of Pat's mouth, I'd shake my head in disgust and remind myself that he's just pandering to the same group of fools who already follow his illogical version of connect- the- dots.  Then, lo- and- behold he goes and says that marijuana should be legalized and regulated like alcohol because the fed's idiotic 'war on drugs' is a multi- billion dollar failure.  He also says that no one should be thrown in prison for marijuana possession.  I hate to admit it, but I couldn't have said it better myself.  Based on EVERYTHING I've EVER heard Pat Robertson say, I've gotta think that fans of the "700 Club" are as stunned as I am.  But whatever... I like what he's saying and even agree wit his reasoning.  Today's question:  IF YOU KNEW ME, YOU MIGHT BE SHOCKED TO LEARN MY THOUGHTS ABOUT ______________.
People would be surprised to find out how 'racist" he is toward certain co-workers... didn't specify if it was EVERYONE else or just a certain ilk, so I'm just gonna guess that he hates Lithuanians... terrible people.  I kid... never met one
The people he hates most are Filipino, and that would surprise anyone who knows him because he's Filipino... and PROUD OF IT!!!
He's Republican AND an atheist... his Republican 'friends' question 'how' he can be both... I'd think it's rather simple; he doesn't believe in a higher power AND he supports most of the Republican ideals  * presto *
On the other end of the spectrum, she's a member of the NRA and is a "DEVOUT" Democrat
People would be surprised to find out he loves the WNBA... I don't even know him and I'm SURPRISED
People would be surprised that she's a phone sex operator... we talked to her and, frankly, we weren't surprised at all
Certified diesel mechanic, likes muscle cars and trucks... but he LOVES minivans... yes, you read that right
He's a 'hardcore' Christian but he supports gay marriage... the funny thing his, his lack of judgment and his unwillingness to pass judgment is EXACTLY hardcore Christian
He's gay... he's told some people but they don't believe him.  Who would lie about being gay in the current social climate?  Unless you're fighting the advances of a woman you find TERRIBLY unattractive
OK bitches, it's Friday Eve and I'm gonna celebrate accordingly... which is pretend it's Friday and then regret it tomorrow.  It's what we do.
Until tomorrow, brush after every meal and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/08/2012 5:32PM
SHOW # 1454 March 8 2012
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03/09/2012 3:21PM
The truth
All men are fallen, you demonstrate that fully. Don't judge Chrisitan's by the actions of men, they will fail ever time. If you want to see Christianity demonstrated perfectly try reading and living by the gospel. Amen!
03/10/2012 8:17AM
Slight revision
Let me revise the first sentence of the last post, like my sh-- doesn't stink either. All men are fallen, you and I demonstrate that fully.
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