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According to a study by Indiana University, as many as 5% of women have experienced an orgasm... which is about the same percentage of women who have experienced an orgasm with me.  About 10% of women said they hadn't quite gotten THAT far, but that they'd had experienced some level of sexual pleasure... which, again, mirrors the number of women who have experienced at least SOME sexual pleasure with me.  In case you're wondering (and I know you are) ab exercises, rope climbing, yoga and bicycling are the most likely to make a woman tingle in her nether regions.  Guys aren't so lucky.  No, if we're gonna experience something similar, we have to actively pursue it.  On that note, 1 out of 4 men have masturbated while driving and about a third of us have done it at work.  That would include a store manager who pinned down a female co-worker and did it on her chest.  She successfully sued for $95 million dollars!!!  There's also a guy named William Black, who fondled himself to completion in the toy aisle of a Wal- Mart.  Even worse, he wiped his hands 'clean' on a toy light saber... irony or coincidence?  And who could forget Paul Reubens, a.k.a., Pee Wee Herman, getting arrested for molesting himself in an adult movie theatre?  He STILL denies athe allegations, arguing recently in Playboy, that he's RIGHT handed and the police report says he was using his LEFT hand... also known as 'the stranger'.  Whateva!  Today, whether it was intentional, expected, unintentional or unexpected:  WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL OR UNEXPECTED PLACE YOU'VE ACHIEVED THE 'BIG O'?
Away we go:
In his seat, under a blanket on an airplane... he's about "60% sure" that the old woman next to him didn't know... meaning there's a 40% chance that she DID know
Had sex on the side of a fairly busy road during rush hour... wasn't in a car, but literally on the side of the road
In the air- intake of an F-18... probably don't need to explain this part, but not during a flight... it was on an aircraft carrier
6 months ago on a date with a hottie in a dress, he 'dared' her to sit on his lap at a movie theatre... things worked out well for him
He used to rub one out every Sunday in the church bathroom back when his step- mother would force him to go... if she only knew
He works as a truck driver, so he just does it on the road while driving... can't blame the guy
With "help", he achieved the 'big- O' on the Sky-tram at Disneyland
As a hunter, he's done it in a deer stand... you'd have to think that would chase the deer away... or make them stare
She unexpectedly reached 'genital nirvana' while riding a horse... we're assuming she means 'horseback riding' in the sense of a saddle and everything, not, well, you know
Had his FIRST EVER O at age 13 while lifting weights... hasn't has a similar experience since, but I've gotta think it motivated him to stay in shape
Enjoyed a sweet release on a school bus... he was a STUDENT at the time, not the driver... which makes me feel a little better
Was clearing brush with his father... the idling chainsaw resting against his leg got him where he wanted to be without even knowing that he wanted to be there
Jolene shared, via Rolling Stone Magazine, the Top 10 Concert Movies of All Time... time... time.  Here's the link:
I think #2 should be #1 and #1 should be #11, but see what you think.
OK, trivia night bitches, so I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, slip, slide and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/20/2012 5:58PM
SHOW # 1462 March 20 2012
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