SHOW # 1465 March 23 2012

By now you've heard the story of Trayvon Martin, the 17- year- old Florida high school student who was shot and killed by 28- year- old George Zimmerman not the dude from Men's Warehouse... that's George ZIMMER).   In spite of being shot in cold blood, zimmerman hasn't been charged with anything.  Trayvon (as the name suggests) was black and Zimmerman (as the name suggests, is not).  That explains the lack of charges.  It's the American way.  That's not news, it's just ridiculous that things still swing that way.  Zimmerman, of course, says he fired his gun in self defense... and why not, Trayvon was armed... with a bag of Skittles.  Naturally, all manner or racial tensions have flared up, but then Geraldo Rivera offered his opinion and united everyone... not because he said something profound that spoke to our inner unity, it's that he tweeted something so Goddamn ridiculous that even the bitterest of enemies agreed that Geraldo is f**king idiot.  According to Geraldo, Trayvon's HOODIE is as responsible for his death as Zimmerman.  See, Geraldo doesn't believe that Latino and Black 'youngters' should wear hoodies unless it's raining.  It happened to BE raining the night Trayvon was killed.  Just sayin'.  Besides, do you know anyone who doesn't own a hoodie?  Let's move along.  On St. Patrick's Day, a group of firemen participated in parade... dressed as women.  No big deal, but during the parade an actual fire broke out and the firemen sprang into action... in their dresses.  Makes for a great You Tube video.  Oh, and 30% of grown men admit that they let their mother pick their clothes.  Their MOTHER!  Oy vay... anyway, this leads to today's question:  WHEN WERE YOU WEARING THE WRONG THING AT THE WRONG TIME?
Well, if you're a sports and you wear your team's colors in a city that is not the home of your team... on game day... you will have an interesting time.  Rocked my Ravens jersey the last 2 times the Ravens came to (and lost in) Seattle and both occasions brought colorful comments, the occasional threat plenty of grief.  However, I don't care.
As for you:
Was followed by a cop to a gas station because they had their hood up on their hoodie... 'they' are a 57 year old white woman
His buddy visited a cousin in jail... he was wearing a t-shirt that read "I put out"
Thought he was going to a costume party... he wasn't... was dressed in a toga, but was treated like the man all night, so all's well that ends well
Very unintentionally went to a multi- band Christian rock concert back in his small hometown... he was wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt that read "American by Birth, Anti=Christ by Choice".  Believe it or not, he said everyone was pretty cool about it
Went to visit a friend's mother in rehab... he was wearing a Rainer Beer shirt... got lots of dirty looks.  To be fair, he didn't know they were going to a rehab clinic as he'd been told they were going to a hospital
At his senior prom he DIDN'T wear a condom... his daughter is 13 now!
When  he was 13, his sister dressed him up in a dress... the picture JUST hit Facebook... he's 29 years old now
Had the wrong color cap and gown at his high school graduation
As a 15 year old, he and his friends decided that the wanted to buy beer.  Instead of just putting on a pair of sunglasses and hoping for the best, he went to a craft store and created an entire old man motif... facial hair, prosthetic nose, the whole 9... he got the beer, but he matched the description of a killer on the loose
Ok then, I'm on my way to the Sounders game so I'm outta here!  Out, I say!  OUT!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/23/2012 5:48PM
SHOW # 1465 March 23 2012
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