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Kentucky Wildcats center Anthony Davis  has a lot to be proud of.  As a freshman, he'd led his team to the NCAA's Final Four in New Orleans and won the Oscar Robertson Trophy (annually presented to the player of the year), the first player from Kentucky to do so.  As a result of his notable accomplishments, Davis has been getting a lot of face- time... and that is unfortunate because he has an extremely distracting unibrow.  It's like a mustache on his forehead.  It's so prominent that his accomplishments on the court are taking a back seat to the 'accomplishment' on his forehead.  Nevertheless, someone needs to tell him about it.  Granted, he's gonna be a millionaire soon, so he'll still get plenty of chicks, but if you're NOT made of money, we have the list of the Top 10 Appearance Turnoffs for Women.  The unibrow is inexplicably absent, but there's a good chance that you're doing something wrong anyway.  We also have a list of the Top 10 Hygiene Turnoffs... not as they relate to dating, but in general.  Think about the co-worker with the perpetually bad berate, or the guy who always smells like a dirty armpit... if you don't know which co-worker that is, YOU'RE the one.  It's bad enough to have to deal with these people, but there's no nice way to tell them either.  Then again, you really can't tell the hot chick that she's hot without having to visit HR... even though she goes through great pains, time and energy to make sure you notice.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE TO TELL SOMEONE, BUT YOU JUST CAN'T?
I'm pretty good at telling people whatever I feel compelled to let them know.  Don't mistake that for being a d*ck... I use tact (believe it or not) but I'm a firm believer in being upfront IF it's warranted... not just to be an a**hole... although I'm sure many people would disagree with that.
As for you fine folks:
Would love to tell his Filipino co-worker that she has a fantastic body... his fiancé, however, is unaware of his feelings on that subject
Just wants the ability to tell women with mustaches that they have mustaches
Moles... not the little moles that everyone has, but the big, meaty moles that distract
Would like to explain to his father that Fox News (like every "news" channel) is just a corporate mouth- piece to the highest bidder.  Oddly enough, I met a Fox News producer a little while ago at an airport... he even said that if the audience were aware of how little respect the network has for their collective intelligence, they'd be offended enough to stop watching.  I imagine that's true of many, many news operations
Used to date a beautiful woman who was terrible in the sack... danced around the subject with her but never just told her directly
Wants someone in the family to give his "lazy cousin" some tough love for mooching off of the family... seems that smoking weed and sitting on the sofa is not how you should go through life
Wants to tell his co- worker with the perpetually hard nipples that they are distracting an stunningly unattractive
Wants to tell his wife that her sister is really hot but, you know, it explains itself
Wants to tell a close friend of hers that NO ONE in their circle of friends can stand his girlfriend... in fact, she's described as the 'c- bomb'... the only reason no one says anything is because he hasn't had a girlfriend in 7 years
Would like to tell anyone with abnormally long nose hairs that they have abnormally long nose hairs
She wants to tell her boyfriend to clean his bathroom because it smells like pee... seems fair enough
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Need to lotion the back!  New tat.  For those of you who keep troubling me for a picture of the new work, here's the deal; it's not done yet, so what I will do is, when it's completed I'll post the picture(s).  This was phase two.  The final session is scheduled for Sunday the 23rd of April.  I will post a picture then.  Now you know.
Until tomorrow, keep your eyes on the prize and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/26/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1466 March 26 2012
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