SHOW # 1467 March 27 2012

Identity theft is all the rage these days, and technology makes it increasingly easier to do, but still, you'd think it might be a a BIT of challenge to steal Paul Allen's ID.  You'd THINK that... and you'd be wrong.  Authorities in Pittsburgh just nabbed an AWOL soldier who, with one simple call to Citibank, managed to get a debit card linked to Allen's bank account.  Not very sophisticated, but the guy got to a BILLIONAIRE.  Technology also provides distractions to the point of being very dangerous.  We've all heard about the dangers of texting and driving, but how about texting and WALKING?  Take Bonnie Miller of Michigan, a woman who walked off of a pier while texting.  She was walking with her husband and 15- year- old son, but instead of enjoying 'family time', she was face- down on her phone... and then she was floating in a lake.  Congratulations.  A guy in Tennessee broke into a house and stole, among other things, an 8- year- olds iPad.  Thing is, the kid had a tracking app on his iPad, so he led police to the thief in about 40 minutes.  Another round of congratulations and accolades!  And according to divorce attorneys, about 80% of couples filing for divorce were using Facebook to cheat on their spouses.  I could go on and on, as their no shortage of stories of technology ruining a person's day or life, but today we wanted your story:  WHEN HAS TECHNOLOGY DONE YOU WRONG?
He just deleted 6 years of work from the main work computer... it was an accident.  Is he in trouble?  He was gonna find out 40 minutes after the phone call.  Hope everything works out for you, bud
Had 3 relationships broken up by Facebook at the same time... he thinks it's about facebook, I think it's about having 3 relationships at the same time
Got a new phone, his girlfriend had the GPS thing on it, but it misfired (yea, sure it did) and she thought he was somewhere else.  She never believed him, but they're still together.  No offense, but that's a "hit the road" moment for me
Got duped into believing the legend of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus... which was created by a teacher to prove that people will believe anything on the internet
His navigation always sends him the wrong way... case-in-point, his GPS sent him onto trolley tracks in downtown San Diego... when a trolley was coming
The history button on Google Chrome has let his girlfriend see his porn history
Failed an English class when his laptop died and erased his English final essay... teacher didn't believe him
Any picture he takes on his phone goes straight to Google +... thing is, unbeknownst to him, while he was showering, his girlfriend was laying on the bed spread- eagle taking pictures of herself.  Yea, they all posted on his Google + page... viewed by his friends, his family, her friends and her super devout, Mormon family who were none to pleased.  They even threatened HIM, unaware that SHE took the pictures
Once in a great while Jolene comes in with some new music for Sit and Spin, today was that day. Check it out here.

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03/27/2012 7:26PM
SHOW # 1467 March 27 2012
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