SHOW # 1469 March 29 2012

Esquire Magazine just conducted a survey of married men and revealed some very disturbing stats.  34% of men in a "committed" relationship sat they've had at LEAST one other sexual partner since their relationship started, 10% of men don't consider oral sex to be sex and 13% of men say that their favorite type of porn is woman- on- woman.  None of those findings are particularly disturbing.  According to the Esquire survey, 14% of married men, or about 1- in- 7 married men has had at least of one sexual encounter with another MAN.  I'm a little shocked by that, but after hearing about Volunteer Park and reading the 'missed connections' section, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised... but I am.  Then again, no matter how well you know someone, you don't know EVERYTHING.  Some things you'll take to your grave, other things you just don't think about much, but when you DO share it, no one can believe it's something YOU did.  Maybe you were a phone- sex operator, maybe you went on a vision- quest, maybe you used to be a woman... today we wanted to know:  WHAT HAVE YOU TRIED, ATTEMPTED OR SAMPLED THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT?
Tried grilled squirrel as a kid and says it was delicious
Head- cheese... says it was neither good nor bad, but describes it as looking like meat but feeling like Jell-O
Had sex with a woman he met when he was 18... found out later that she used to be a guy
He's from the south and no one in his 'southern style' family knows he's been with a black chick... in my experience, it doesn't matter WHAT part of the country you're in, it's oh- so taboo!
While stationed in Korea, he tried Kagogi (dog soup) and prostitutes... says that both were "great".  Don't judge, it could have been a dog prostitute or prostitute soup
While he was married he got some oral from his gay friend... blames it on being coked up.  OK, look, we had a couple of guys call today say they're straight but have dabbled in the penis and ALL of them blamed alcohol or drugs.  Fellas, you know as well as I do that alcohol and drugs don't make penis attractive... a belief that penis is attractive is what makes penis attractive... the alcohol and drugs just lower your inhibitions.  Stop blaming the 'fun stuff' and just accept what you like.  It's OK, just man up.
Likes trans-sexuals... has gone their 6 times... and no one knows... except 6 individuals
Her husband admitted that he'd been with a dude a few times, so she admitted that she'd been with a woman... he got pissed
He's had hookers... lots and lots of hookers... no one knows
She had sex with another woman but no one knows... says it helped her discover that she's bisexual
Lived with a bunch of tranny's when he lived in Hawaii... hooked up with one of their friends (unknowingly) one night... only kissed, but that's all you need to be skeeved out
When he was in high school he slept with his girlfriend's mother... says he did it because he was horny... that's fine and all, but I've been horny and in no way was that enough to coerce a woman to sleep with me... which I was 'horny' and not 'fulfilled'
Tried pig brains, eyeballs and cheeks (waste not, want not) and says that all were great
Did meth for 3 months and no one knew... how in the f%$k did no one know?  One thing about meth seems to be that it's real obvious when you're on it, whether it's your general appearance, your new 'perspective on life', the sudden weight loss or the fact that you're always chewing food that isn't in your mouth.
OK bitches, having one of "those" days.  Yea, one of those.  Ever eat nails?  Me neither, but this would be the day to give it a try.  Actually, that would be really stupid, so I'll just have a beer instead.
Bitches, you've been swell.  No really, you HAVE been.  Well, not YOU, but the rest of you.
Until tomorrow, I wipe my ass with broken glass (quoting 24- 7 Spyz) so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/29/2012 5:41PM
SHOW # 1469 March 29 2012
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