SHOW # 1470 March 30 2012

According to a survey, when it comes to humiliation and/ or embarrassment, 57% of people would be embarrasses if they were caught cheating on their taxes... however, there are things that would embarrass more... and I would hope so.  59% of people would be embarrassed if they were caught littering, 65% would be embarrassed if they got a DUI (although, to be fair, while it IS stupid, no one makes BETTER decisions when they're drunk) and 73% of people would be embarrassed if they were caught shoplifting.  Then again, it's one thing to be caught stealing beer but something else entirely if you're caught stealing porn or a sex toy.  Probably more embarrassing to get busted with a hooker, but which is worse; getting busted with a $1000- an- hour 'escort' or a $20 toothless yahoo on Aurora Avenue?  Is it worse that you'd blow tons of cash for some action or that you'd only part with $20, but are willing to get jiggy with a woman who looks like she's worth $20?  And is it more humiliating to be caught having sex with a cheap hooker in your car or be caught masturbating alone in your car.  Neither is ideal, but which is worse?  Some things, while similar, are much embarrassing than others, and today we asked you to embrace your humility and tell us:  WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN CAUGHT DOING AND WHO CAUGHT YOU?
Cops busted him making out with his girlfriend in the car... not so bad, but it happened yesterday
Cousin walked in on her having sex with that cousin's girlfriend
Girlfriend's parents caught him having sex with her... in his car... it was the first time he'd met them
Uncle caught him doing a gravity bong hit
Keeps getting busted at work for emailing and texting us during work
Was busted for spending counterfeit cash at a strip club
Father busted him jerking it before school... all his father said was "stop jerking it before breakfast"
Took a dump in front of his school when he was in kindergarten... he wasn't being an ass, he was raised by a hippie and that's just what they did
Posted a video of himself to YouTube shooting down a tree... it was then and only then that he discovered that's illegal
Caught sleeping on the job... in Afghanistan... in a sniper tower... while on sniper duty
His ex- girlfriend's mother caught him masturbating... to HER!
Got busted closing the elevator door on a handicapped guy... he was fired from his job in HR!!!
Got caught putting Copenhagen snuff into the Folger's coffee at work... he got away with it 3 times before getting busted
OK bitches, it's Friday and the employees of KISW are having a little shindig tonight and I need to get steppin'.
Have a fantastic weekend, my amigos.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/30/2012 5:17PM
SHOW # 1470 March 30 2012
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