SHOW # 1472 APRIL 3 2012

Alec Baldwin is celebrating his 54th birthday today and what could be better for the spirits of a 54- year- old than getting engaged to a 28-year-old yoga instructor?  If you're Alec Baldwin, NOTHING could be better, and that's why he proposed to the woman that his 26 years his junior over the weekend.  She said 'yes', which answers the question Alec has been asking for a few years now, "what's in your wallet".  Her.  Then there's Courtney Stodden, the then 16- year- old child bride of actor Doug Hutchison... who has proven to be as creepy as he looks.  Granted, her parents traded her off for the chance to be stage parents, but it's still just creepy.  Speaking of marriage, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was hosting one of those phony 'town hall' meetings in Wisconsin when someone in the audience questioned Mitt's opinion of interracial marriage.  See, the Book of Mormon paints interracial marriage as a sin... assuming it's black and white... and since Mittens claims to be Mormon (which I'm sure he is) the audience member wanted to know just how Mormon he is.  Like most modern- day religious folks, Mitt is religious when it suits his needs, so when asked if he agrees with the Latter- Day Saints view of interracial marriage, he said 'no'.  And then there's the whole gay marriage issue which has distracted the country from things that matter.  Some people think it's unnatural or blasphemous, or whatever.  Everyone has their own opinions of who should or could be together, but we didn't want your opinion today... no, we wanted you to defer to that vocal minority of opinionated fools we must ALL endure more commonly referred to as 'family'.  WHO COULD YOU BRING HOME TO PISS OFF YOUR FAMILY AND WHICH FAMILY MEMBER WOULD BE THE MOST UPSET?
Away we go:
Mom would freak out if she brought home a black guy... SIGN ME UP!!!
She's a black Muslim woman from Somalia who married a white guy... her family is cool (and they're all terrorists!) and his family disowned them (because they're good Christian folks)
Brought home a friend who's parents were in the Church of Satan... his super religious parents freaked out.  The Church of Satan is so phony, it's not worth worrying about
Her mother would freak out if she met her boyfriend... because she's married and in an open relationship that mom doesn't know about.  Says mom is 'crazy religious', but I'm not sure that's why her mother would be upset
His friends were "pissy"  because he was 42 and he was dating a "dumb, blonde 20- year- old girl with big milkers"... his words, not mine... anyway, one of his friends asked the most ridiculous question ever:  "what are you doing with her?"  Come on
Says that he will never allow his children to date anyone who is a Steelers fan or a Timbers fan... I agree with that
His 98-year-old grandfather is STILL a member of the KKK... anyone but a 'white, Christian woman' would put the sh*t to the fan
Her boyfriend was 57, she was 28, her mother was against it and they broke up... she's 40 now and she's STILL looking for this guy.  We think she's crazy
Dated a black chick... his brother is a member of the Aryan Nation... he reacted by tying him up and throwing him against a wall
Married a Vietnamese guy... her father, the classiest guy ever, told his own grandchild that the only reason he's alive is because "I missed your grandfather during the war!"  Ahhhhh, family.
It's Seattle Music Week (here in Seattle) so Jolene had us each pick our two favorite songs from Seattle bands.  It was actually much harder than you'd think, but we did it and here's the link:
Alright bitches, time for me to head to trivia.
Until tomorrow, don't stare too long and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/03/2012 5:47PM
SHOW # 1472 APRIL 3 2012
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