SHOW # 1473 APRIL 4 2012

So three people have to split last week's $640 million dollar Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot, and by the time the feds are done screwing them over, they should all walk with about $100 million each... making the big winner the Federal Government, as they'll walk with about $340 million.  Quite the racket.  Anyway, ONE of those 'winning' lottery tickets is causing a bit of controversy because the woman who BOUGHT the ticket is claiming that the ticket she bought that WON, is the one ticket she bought for herself with her own money... not one of the multiple tickets she bought as part of an employee pool.  Riiiight.  Whatever the case, everyone involved will have to put their dreams on hold until this is all resolved.  Most of us will never have the 'problem' they're facing, but most of us have had that rare opportunity that we stumbled into a little extra $$$ and today we wanted to hear your story:  WHAT IS THE BIGGEST AMOUNT OF CASH YOU'VE RECEIVED AT ONE TIME AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE MONEY?
Got $1500 dollars just for graduating from high school and blew it on strippers and alcohol
After a year and a half, the VA finally got around to giving him $26,000 for disability... paid of his and his girlfriend's debt.  Probably the smartest thing you can do
Was homeless, joined the Navy and got a $20,000 and bought a Mercedes Benz... just what every homeless person needs
Got 8.5 thousand dollars and put toward the down payment on a car... his (now) ex- wife has the car.  Welcome to reality
Got his hands on $11,500 in cash... got the money by STEALING IT FROM A COKE DEALER... anyway, he stole the money, bought a car and (wisely) moved across the country.  That was 20 years ago
Went to an ATM which happened to be loaded wrong, so instead of dispensing $20's, it was dispensing $50's... I think I would have made several withdrawals
Lost his job and got 4 months severance pay... was lucky enough to get another job and was able to use the severance to buy a new house and furnish it top to bottom
Got $20,000 from the VA (which we found out takes an average of 18 months to actually pay veterans) and spent it on "every 'seen on TV' product imaginable".  And it's choices like that that might inspire the VA to take their time to pay veterans
She received a $10,000 inheritance from her grandfather... she used it to file for divorce
Won an iPad from a radio station but took the $500 cash value deal instead... bought a .357 magnum instead
Personally, I've never had a lot of money at one time that wasn't already earmarked for something else in advance.  Kind of a drag, but made worse by hearing some of the stories today!  Truth is, I'd probably blow it all on unmentionables.  I like unmentionables.  Just how I roll.
OK bitches, I'm out!
Until tomorrow, I'm looking California, but feeling Minnesota, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/04/2012 5:27PM
SHOW # 1473 APRIL 4 2012
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