SHOW # 1478 APRIL 11 2012

Jim Belushi was caught with a joint at the Martha's Vineyard Airport last week... Friday, to be exact.  Fearing the worst, he offered up his medical marijuana card... because he suffers from having a medical marijuana card hook- up... but they aren't valid in Massachusetts.  The good news for Jimbo is that in Massachusetts, possession of an ounce or less isn't a criminal offense, so the authorities just confiscated the joint.  A 23- year- old guy in Philadelphia wasn't so lucky.  He was pulled over by the cops for something random, but the cops became suspicious of the unusually large bulge in his pants.  Turns out that this guy had tied 26 bags of heroin to his junk... and 41 bags of cocaine ALSO tied to his junk.  He's facing all manner of charges.  Or you could be 40- year- old Yasir Mahmood.  He was busted for stealing people's credit card numbers and a few other things, but it's some of the things he chose to purchase that has people scratching their heads.  Yea.  Everyone has been caught with something or doing something, and as an adult, the ramifications can lead to jail, unemployment, divorce, whatever.  Today we wanted to know:  AS AN ADULT, WHAT WERE YOU CAUGHT DOING AND WHERE YOU CAUGHT?
Away we go:
Caught by the cops with a woman he was having an affair with
Co-worker caught him smoking weed... 3 days later his boss drug tested him
Had a lunchbox full of weed... parents found it and freaked out, but not because it was weed, but because it was medicinal, prescribed for her TERMINAL illness.  She hadn't told her parents that she was sick.  Can't remember the name of the disease, but the doctor's call it "MS's ugly twin brother".  The reason that's so disheartening is because that implies that MS is the GOOD looking version of it
His buddy had cut a hole into a stuffed animal and filled it with a condom and lube... imagine his embarrassment when his friends showed up unexpectedly
Caught by his shop foreman having sex with the bosses daughter after hours... bribed the guy to stay quiet with a half gallon of tequila
Her 10- year- old son stumbled upon her BOX of sex toys... a BOX, bitches
Got a DUI a few days BEFORE his 21st birthday
Having sex in the Fred Myer parking lot when she was 26
Got caught with 98 POUNDS of weed by the DEA at a hotel... he was just the driver, but the guy he was driving for was unknowingly part of a months- long sting.  Only got two years
Got caught with a meth lab in Kennewick, Washington, where they frown on that type of thing
Crap... gotta run, bitches!
Until tomorrow, party like it's every day and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/11/2012 5:49PM
SHOW # 1478 APRIL 11 2012
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