SHOW # 1480 APRIL 13 2012

Let me be the 1000th person to remind you that today is the dreaded Friday the 13th.  Some of you buy into it, some of you don't, but today is the day.  We have a list of 13 facts about Friday the 13th but the fact that I find the most interesting about Friday the 13th is that no one knows exactly WHY it's supposed be such a bad day, so basically, you freak out about Friday the 13th because someone told you that you should.  Shame.  On that note, the folks at Entertainment Weekly just debunked 10 Hollywood legends; Marilyn Manson was NOT Paul on 'The Wonder Years', there IS no scene in 'The Wizard of Oz' where you can see a Munchkin hanging himself in the background and Walt Disney is not cryogenically frozen... quite the opposite... he was cremated.  We've all heard this crap, but none of it's true.  Nevertheless, the truth seldom has any sway on public opinion (pay attention to politics much?  It's built around this premise) and most of us had the misfortune of having an untruth spread about us that we have to defend, and that's today's question:  WHAT UNTRUTH HAS BEEN SPREAD ABOUT YOU?
His classmates thought he was on heroin... he was just a pot head.  I'm guessing he's extremely ugly too.  Just sayin', if people believe you're on heroin, you must look like sh*t
He was dealing and using drugs, but he cleaned himself up and headed to Vegas to help others beat their addiction... thing is, his drug using friends didn't know what his deal was, so they thought he went to Vegas to party out of his mind, which is reasonable... but when he got back to Washington, people had started spreading stories that he was doing multiple lines of coke with multiple hookers and all kinds of insane stuff.  None of it was true... he'd cleaned up and did good, but no one believed him
Some his co- workers were convinced that HE was Phoenix Jones
When he broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years, she started spreading rumors that he'd hijacked her credit and beat her
In high school, everyone thought she was a lesbian
A co- worker spread a rumor that he was having an affair with another woman in the office.  Worse, he worked there with his wife
People thought he hated Asians... he was in the Army at the time
Rumors;  he was a drug dealer, then a drug addict, that he was gay, that he had one testicle and then he had no testicles... all true
In middle school, there was a rumor that he could suck his own d**k
People STILL believe that he has STD's, as in multiple
Everyone thought he was responsible for hitting Klaus Main (lead singer of the Scorpions) in the face with a shoe in 1985
So we descended into a side topic about farting and blaming other people or getting blamed for other people's, and immediately we referenced the old- school sayings people used to say; "he who smelt it dealt it" and "he who denied it supplied it".  We thought that covered the entirety of the little kids sayings regarding farts, and we were wrong.  Thanks to e-mails and texts, here are a few more for your enjoyment:
"He who refuted it, tooted it"
"You blame it, you claim it"
"Whoever's at ease, squeezed the cheese"
"Whoever heard it, turded it"
"Whoever said the rhyme did the crime"
"He who said he didn't let one, pushed out the dirty wet one"
And my personal favorite:  "He who articulated it, particulated it"
So, I'm not what you'd call an art collector, but there's a local artist by the name of Casey Brookbush and he had some stuff hanging at Naked City (on Greenwood... awesome place) so I bought, what I believe to be, a f**king awesome painting of the Beatles.  Anyway, all of his art was rock icons and all of it was bad ass, so as I went to pick up my painting last night, he gave KISW (via me) a really cool, Gibson Guitar commissioned painting of Angus Young.  It's already hanging on the wall.  So here are the pix of my Beatles painting and of KISW's latest addition, of Angus. 

I think they're badass.  Here's a link to his site.  Check it out.  Very cool stuff.   
Alright bitches, have a gooooood weekend!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/13/2012 5:36PM
SHOW # 1480 APRIL 13 2012
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