SHOW # 1481 APRIL 16 2012

If you didn't hear, tornadoes have been tearing through Middle America (where the Hobbits live?), a.k.a., the "Bible Belt"... which holds a fair degree of irony if you recognize Pat Robertson's general explanation for why natural disasters happen when and where they do.  Anyway, as of today, the death toll in one small town in Oklahoma alone is 6.  Dozens of tornadoes wreaked havoc across 10 states as the result of one 'super storm'.  The one thing about tornadoes is how quick people are to help each other in the aftermath.  It's a shame that it takes a destructive vortex dropping out of the sky to actually get people to acknowledge each other, but there's something comforting in the fact that when the sh*t hits the fan, people can be downright heroic.  Speaking of which, a 15- year- old girl from Chicago saw a fire spreading at a horse stable, and after rescuing her horse, she ran in about 12 MORE TIMES and rescued 25 MORE HORSES!  The bad news is, there were about 40 horses total, but she did some good.  She got knocked down, stepped on and kicked in the shoulder, but while everyone else watched, she did something about it.  Imagine that!  We know this is a "record it on your cell- phone" type of society, but every- so- often, you put down your iPhone and get proactive.  That's what we wanted to hear about today:  WHEN DID YOU HAVE TO SPRING INTO ACTION?
Caught a guy who had been breaking into cars in the neighborhood... tracked him down through the snow and kicked his ass
Someone once sat on a kitten by accident, and wouldn't you know it, the cat- whisperer here brought it back to life... don't know how
Prevented his friend from going home with a tranny... admits that, in retrospect, he wishes he hadn't
Her dad collapsed from a heart attack... she went to his aid, but she didn't know CPR and her father died.  She says she's just glad that her father didn't die alone
He and a group of friends prevented a drunken buddy from taking a sh*t onto his DVD shelf... then prevented him again from taking a sh*t in a trash can
A car crashed into his yard when he was 13... he extinguished the fire while his buddy pulled the driver from the car, saving her life
Saved his sister from drowning in a friend's pool... he was 9, she was 4
Provided CPR and mouth to mouth to a guy who collapsed at a heart attack at Denny's... it didn't work, the guy died
Saved a woman from drowning in a riptide in Puerto Rico... had to paddle his surfboard out to her and pluck her from the water
Some dude broke into his apartment one night... what the would- be burglar didn't know was that everyone who lived there was an Army Ranger.  Bad things happened to the would- be burglar
Saw a car flip over 9 times... pulled the drive out and saved her life
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, keep it cool and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/16/2012 5:53PM
SHOW # 1481 APRIL 16 2012
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