SHOW # 1482 APRIL 17 2012

So, after winning college football's BCS title game, the winning team is presented with the $30,000 Waterford Crystal 'Coaches Trophy'.  In this case, it went to coach Nick Saban and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide's football team.  Well, the father of a current 'Tide player tripped over the rug under the trophy display, and the BCS Trophy smashed into teeny- tiny, itty- bitty pieces.  Awkward.  A few years ago, a woman at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York accidentally fell into a Picasso painting... ripping one of the corners of it.  And there was 'shot of the day' from last month that involved a German photographer who was part of the media covering the debut of a 17- day- old earless bunny that had captured the hearts of Germany.  He took one step and accidentally crushed the little bunny under his foot... killing it.  Like I said earlier, awkward.  We've all accidentally f**ked something up, so today we wanted to know:  WHAT DID YOU UNINTENTIONALLY DAMAGE OR DESTROY?
Stepped on a KITTEN that was sleeping on the stairs... killed it... in front of his then 8- year- old daughter.  That was 7 years ago and his daughter won't let it go.
 The emergency brake slipped on his truck... ended up smashing into his buddy's garage
Tried to 'pop' his buddies beer bottle, you know, when you smash the bottom of your bottle on the top of someone else's so that it foams and overflows... knocked the bottle out of his buddy's hand and ended up breaking a glass table
Broke his dead grandfather's pocket knife
Tried to trip his friend back in junior high school... ended up tripping the Korean kid with POLIO... kid messed up his legs and back really bad... and still had polio
Demolished the propeller on a new speed boat... he was 15, and his father was 'teaching' him to steer the boat in reverse... his father failed
Wrecked his parent's car... twice... in ONE day
Set off fireworks and lit his neighbor's roof on fire
Burned down a field behind his house... and the pine trees... that were planted by his grandfather years ago
At WSU, he almost collapsed the training bubble that the track & field guys used to train under
wrecked both of his friend's parent's cars... in one night
Changed her oil, but she replaced it with transmission fluid... turns out that it works exactly as well as you'd think... which is not well at all
Jolene entertained us with the "10 Worst Songs to Have Sex To".  Check it out for yourself.  Might not be YOUR top 10, but you'll agree that none of these songs will serve the mood:
OK bitches, trivia night.  Time to get my mind right.
Until tomorrow, why have you forsaken me... so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/17/2012 6:00PM
SHOW # 1482 APRIL 17 2012
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