SHOW # 1483 APRIL 18 2012

He hosted "American Bandstand" from 1957 to 1989, hosted "New Year's Rockin' Eve" from 1972 to 2004, hosted the "$25,000 Pyramid", "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes", plus countless TV specials and this morning, at age 82, Dick Clark died of a massive heart attack... and being alive for the previous 82 years.  You knew the guy had to die sometime... that's what people do... but up until his stroke in 2004, the mighty Dick seemed incapable of aging.  Pretty much every generation is familiar with Clark, even if you're young and only know him as the creepy old guy on New Year's Eve.  Whatever the case, you probably know who the guy was and unless you haven't grown up yet, you grew up with him.  Some would call him the voice of a generation... I'm not one of those people, but those people are out there.  At any rate, all of us grew attached to someone in our childhood, and in some cases, we STILL like them as adults and that is today's question:  EXCLUDING FAMILY, WHO FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD, ALSO MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU AS AN ADULT?
Here are some of the people you can't quit... and yes, that was a 'Brokeback Mountain' reference:
Ken Griffey Jr
Sesame Street and The Muppets... loved both... think I still do
Harrison Ford... Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan.  Yea, I loved HF when I was growing up.  Still like him now because he hates doing interviews.  Don't know why that makes me happy, but it does.
Edgar Martinez... has a whole street named after him... him and MLK Jr.
JP Patches... says he'll cry when JP dies.  Might wanna buy some tissues in the near future
Bob Barker... loves animals and young women; a winning combination
Mike Tyson... arguably the greatest boxer ever.  Debate amongst yourselves
Bob Ross... the man who could paint clouds faster than anyone and his soft, quiet voice somehow SCREAMED "I love the weed!"
Pee Wee Herman... the only man to shock people by masturbating at an adult movie theater.  What do people think other people are doing at an adult movie house?
"Weird" Al Yankovich... musical genius
The Bay City Rollers... I remember them, but I can't believe they still have an impact on anyone
Hulk Hogan... always loved him and his bald spot
Ricky martin... seriously
Jacques Cousteau
The Simpsons... still can't believe how long that show has been on the air
OK bitches, that's what I've got for today.
Until tomorrow, generals gather at their masses, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/18/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1483 APRIL 18 2012
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