SHOW # 1484 APRIL 19 2012

The folks at came up with a list of "The 21 Absolute Worst Things in the World".  We're not talking about plague, war, famine or genocide, we're talking about stuff like having a 3- prong cord but only a 2- prong outlet at your disposal, or pouring a bowl of cereal only to discover that you have only a teaspoon of milk left, or the fitted sheet popping off of the corner of your mattress.  Yea, we're talking about run- of- the- mill, garden variety annoyances that you can routinely anticipate, but get really pissed off every time it happens anyway.  If you're a driver, as most of you are, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You KNOW that people are going to drive slowly in the left lane, you KNOW people have an unwillingness or inability to use their blinker... in fact, everyday rush-hour is the same old- same old but you endure it anyway.  If it makes you feel any better, Seattle just earned the distinction of having the worst drivers in the country.  Congratulations.  On the other hand, that makes you part of the problem, not the exception.  So, from bad drivers, to computer slide shows, to Super Bowl halftime entertainment, we wanted to know:  WHAT DAY TO DAY ANNOYANCE IS JUST THE WORST?
Knots in my shoe laces... drives me crazy... but mostly because I can't get them out
Away we go:
"Food stamp" people with nice cars... also known as 'scam artists' or people with a terrible sense of priorities
The 'credit or debit' button on gas pumps
Drives for Fed/Ex... hates that people can't figure out how to sign the electronic scanner
Like 'Mommy Dearest', he hates wire hangers... leaves weird marks on his clothes
Leaving doors and drawers open... closets, cabinets, etc... amen... drives me crazy too
People who pick someone up late at night or early in the morning and honk the car horn to announce their presence to EVERYONE instead of getting out of the car and knocking on the door of the only person likely to care
This is a work thing, but he hates people who cook their food for 1 minutes and 54 seconds, in spite of having set the microwave for 2 minutes... what bugs him is that they leave the 6 seconds on the microwave instead of clearing it out
Blinds... not people, but the window coverings... his problem is his admitted inability to use them.
Hates when his wife asks him "what are you thinking about?" EVERY DAY!  Just tell her you're thinking about another woman
Listening to people on their cell phones in public
Everyone believing that calling his Great Dane "a horse" is original or funny
"Reply all"... bane of my existence here at work.  I do pretty well ignoring inner- office emails (because, truthfully, I don't care) but people feel the need to respond with a 'reply all' to everything.  I know people think they're witty and oh- so- hilarious, but generally, they're neither and I end up with an inbox full of mediocre jokes and one- liners.  I've been very, very, very tempted to 'reply all' with STFU!  But I haven't.
An empty ice cube tray in the freezer
Hates when they have to take a sh*t right after taking a shower
I'll leave you with that.
Until tomorrow, suck it long and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/19/2012 5:42PM
SHOW # 1484 APRIL 19 2012
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04/20/2012 6:35AM
Wrong way in One way
Your in a parking lot. You drive the wrong way. Than get mad when I wont let you by? I had one guy get out of his car and come not on the window pissed off. I calmly told him he was going the wrong way in a one way. He looked down at the arrow and we back to his car to turn around.
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