SHOW # 1485 APRIL 20 2012

We've all heard about the Secret Service agents caught up in the Columbia prostitute scandal, but if not, here's the story in a nutshell; a group of Secret service agents went to Columbia in advance of President Obama.  They hired a bunch of hookers and had sex.  Unfortunately, they tried to UNDERpay one of them, which turned into an argument, which turned into led to police involvement, which, inevitably, led to 11 agents being demoted and 3 of them being fired.  One night of sex and this was the fallout.  Then again, Simon Cowell had a one night stand in October, but he made the mistake of bringing the broad to his house.  He woke up the next morning and realized that she'd stolen his "cash stuffed" wallet and a computer containing "X- Factor" secrets.  Yea, she scammed him.  Police managed to track the woman down and Cowell got everything back... except the cash.  And earlier this week, an Australian woman found that she COULD collect workman's comp after being hit in the face by a glass light that fell from the ceiling.  Thing is, she was having a one night stand in a motel on a BUSINESS trip; hence, the workman's comp.  Gotta love it.  Those are THEIR stories, but today we wanted to hears yours:  GOOD OR BAD, WHAT IS YOUR BEST ONE NIGHT STAND STORY?
In Alaska, in a rental van on a dirt road.  Romance, bitches, ro- mance
Brought a guy home when she was drunk... had to puke so she ran to the bathroom.  When she returned, he was in her kitchen naked, trying to open a can of Spaghetti- O's with a hunting knife.  She freaked and kicked him out.  The Aristocrats
Hooked up with a random hottie on a boat... all was going well until he backed into the hot grill she'd been cooking steaks on and burned her ass bad enough that he had to take her to the hospital... hot piece of ass!
Found out LATER that his one night stand was his supervisor
Hooked up with some dude in the bed of her truck, then hooked up with him at her place,  Woke up the next day and realized she was covered in hickies (earning the nickname "the purple necklace"... seriously) and she got strep a few days later.  Says it was "totally worth it"
Bent a chick over a sink in a public bathroom... multiple people saw them, and most likely appreciated it
Got blackout drunk and brought some random guy home.  A few months later her sister comes home with her new boyfriend and, as you've already guessed, it was the one night stand.  What makes this so much better is that her sister MARRIED the guy, so she's slept with her brother- in- law.  Awkward
Brought a guy home, the guy sucked in bed and stayed until 5 pm the NEXT DAY
Had sex with a cheerleader for NFL Cheerleader
In Mazatlan he had sex with a hot chick that led to him becoming a legend for a few weeks
Says she's "not that kind of girl", which, of course, is code for "I'm that kind of girl"... anyway, she had sex with a guy on an elevator on the way up to her apartment, where they went their separate ways so she could sleep with the guy waiting for her in her apartment
Met a guy on a gay dating site.  Had a great time until the guy's WIFE showed up!  Freaked him out so bad he ran naked to his car and left
Went on a blind date... to a SWINGER'S CLUB
OK, bitches, the weekend is upon us and I'm ready to get it cracka- lackin'.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/20/2012 5:35PM
SHOW # 1485 APRIL 20 2012
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