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This should come as no surprise, but the Las Vegas restaurant Heart Attack Grill MAY have claimed its second victim.  You might remember back in February when a guy had, well, a heart attack, while eating a quadruple bypass burger... now, this past Saturday, a woman in her 40's collapsed while eating a double bacon cheese burger.  At least the Heart Attack Grill lives up to its name.  If YOU'RE interested in having a heart attack from food (and, come on, who isn't?) head to the Middle East and grab a table at your local Pizza Hut, where they just introduced the Crown Crust Carnival pizza... which has a customized crust that can be filled with either cheeseburgers OR chicken fillets, while there's still a normal pizza in the middle.  This comes on the heels of Pizza Hut's recently announced HOT DOG filled crust in England.  Yep.  It's no secret that guzzling soda all day everyday isn't good for you, but that didn't stop New Zealand's Natasha Harris from sucking down 2 and a half gallons of Coca- Cola A DAY.  You know what DID stop her?  Dying as a result of sucking down 2 and a half gallons of coca- Cola a day.  She was 30- years- old.  I'm just hoping she died happy.  After all, isn't that the point of eating foods you like?  Sure, it might be unhealthy and all that, but some sh*t is simply delicious.  I KNOW IT'S BAD FOR ME, BUT I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER STOP EATING _______________.


My answer is simple:  everything I already eat.  I don't have the worst diet; not a big soda drinker or chip eater, etc, but I don't have the healthiest diet either.  In the end, I really don't care.  As it is, the only people I know who 'eat healthy' are doing so to LOOK good.  Sure, there's a benefit to doing so, but there intentions rank up there with breast implants and colored contact lenses... there's no substance to it.  They just want to feel 'attractive', and there's nothing wrong with that, but I'd rather enjoy my meals.  That's just me.


As for you:


Sweet Tarts... eats 5 rolls a day


All of his Polish foods which, apparently, involves a lot eggs and onions... both of which make him fart like, well, me


Red meat... based on the calories he's collected with his copious beer consumption, he needs to cut back on the red meat


Cream cheese brauts, cream cheese chili, cream cheese, cream cheese, cream cheese


Can't stop eating his self- created McGangbang... no, it's not an Irish orgy, it's a Mc Chicken stuffed between a McDouble... he will have a Mc Heart Attack Mc Soon


Fried chicken... his explanation:  "I'm black and that sh*t is good."


Cheesecake... amen... always loved it.  Never had a cheesecake I didn't like


He loves (prepare yourself) SPAM with Top Raman, in a macaroni salad with eggs and rice wrapped in seaweed... I think I could live without that


Pork wrap... it involves a pork tenerloin and bacon... what's not to like?


Junior Mints... I don't even know where to get thwem outside of a movie theater or on Halloween


Red Mill Burgers, possibly the best burger I've ever hadLOves himself some Double Decker Taco Supremes from Taco Bell


Chhez- Its... plain and simple


Butterfingers and Snickers Bars... I'm partial to Peanut butter Twix and Skor bars, myself; I find them irresistable


Philly Cheese Steaks... f**king love them, but I only know one place that does them well here


The "Fat Ass Burger"... a cheeseburger on a glazed donut.  Not sure how I feel about that, but she insistsv that it is delicious.  I believe her quote was "go to Mount Vernon and prepare to live!"




Because you demanded it, we provided you with a list of the best SNARE DRUM intros in rock music!  Here's a link to the greatness:


You're welcome, bitches. 


I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, don't pet a monkey and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/24/2012 5:35PM
SHOW # 1487 APRIL 24 2012
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