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So the first round of the NFL Draft went down last night in New York City.  For the most part there were no real surprises (except maybe the Cowboys pick?) and things followed the same routine that they usually do, except for a little something Thee Ted Smith noticed; Commissioner Roger Goodell goes a little to BIG and a little too LONG on the man- hug.  There's an unspoken way to go about the man- hug, and Goodell violates all tenets of it.  That's the thing about people in social situations; you can't guarentee that everyone follows the same rules of engagement.  Some people hug too long, talk too close, never pick up the tab, eat off of YOUR plate, throw out a three- part handshake, stay at your house too long, etc.  Or maybe it's the things you put up with at home, whether it's a roommate or your significant other.  If you're a guy and you're on the phone, how long does it take your woman to ask "who are you talking too?"... in spite of the fact that you're BUSY TALKING.  Or how many of YOUR clothes does SHE wear when she's about to do something dirty?  It's the stuff of social interaction.  WHAT SOCIAL INTERACTION OR ROUTINE VIOLATION OF PERSOANL SPACE BUGS YOU THE MOST?


Away we go:


People who don't make eye contact when talking


Hate's the "dead fish" handshake


Hearing people chew food in the movie theatre


His (creepy) boss rests his hand on the small of his back every time he talks to him


His girlfriend is one of those annyoing people who won't shut up during a movie, always asking what did they say or what's going on, etc


His woman asks him "who texted you?" one billionth of a second after he gets the text... worry not, amigo, that's ALL women


Hates it when the people who hug him ALSO try to pick him up


People who show up to his house announced drive him crazy


Hates anyone who stands way too close to him when standing in line


Doesn't like it when people stand over him looking over his shoulder while he's working


Hates it when you go in for a handshake but you get the fist- bump instead


She hates when complete strangers rub her 7 months pregnant belly




Tonight we desend on Elyssian Fields downtown to celebrate the official release of our beer, Men's Room Red in 6 packs.  We're stoked about it.  Very, very cool thing.  Anyway, we're hoping to see you there.  On that note, I'm outta here and on my way.


Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/27/2012 5:01PM
SHOW # 1490 APRIL 27 2012
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