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So, which I'd never heard of until just today, has an article titled "The 5 Dudes With Whom It's Most Acceptable for Furiously Straight Men to Have a Man- Crush On".  They're not talking about the kind of crush that drives you to open your pants and fondle yourself, we're talking about the standard man- crush.  For example, after watching a Jason Statham movie where he roundhouse- kicks 18 dudes in the face, shoots 7 more in the neck and then rips someone's throat outta their neck, you say, "yea, that's my man!"  Or maybe you see saggy, droop, old Hugh Hefner with two vapid hotties on each arm and you can't help but say, "my man".  We're talking about that kind of man- crush.  Neither of those guys made the list from pajiba, but then, neither did John Travolta.  Why do I single out Travolta?  Well, according to a lawsuit, Travolta hired a masseuse and, at some point (allegedly) offered a "reverse massage" (I think we know that's about), admitted that he got his big break in Hollywood by performing sexual favors for "old Jewish men" (???) and then kicked things up a notch by touching the guy's b*lls and the shaft of his Johnson.  Grease IS the word!  Anyway, we don't know if the accusations are true (but we're gonna pretend that they are) but they don't help the rumors that Mr. Bobberino just might like the men more than the ladies.  We don't care one way or another, but it's fun to speculate.  That being said, whether you know it or not, there's been speculation about your sexuality too.  That's what we wanted to hear about today:  WHAT WAS YOUR BRUSH WITH GAYNESS?
His mother put him in ballet when he was 4 years old... he (begrudgingly) stayed in ballet until he was a sophomore in high school.  In his freshman year he did ballet AND was a cheerleader.  Then he joined the Marines
Had sex with a girl in his teens to convince HIMSELF that he wasn't gay... he's plenty gay.  Funny how that works; I never had a sex with a guy to make sure I'm hetero
All the gay guys in prison would hit on him, including the guy who had AIDS and offered to take care of him when they finished serving their time.  He says a lot of guys hit on him and couldn't understand why.  Incidentally, at the end of his email, he welcomed us back (thank you) and mentioned that our voices "soothe" him.  Um...
His best friend once told him, "dude, be thankful that you're not a woman or that I'm not gay 'cause I would be all over your ass!"  Awkward
Got coked up (everyone's excuse) and went to a peep show... there was a glory hole... don't know if he took "advantage" of it or not
Went to the Ms, Mr. and Mrs. Gay Washington pageant recently in Fife
His brush with gayness was when he was 8- years- old... his buddy convinced him that if he acted like a girl it would be OK if they kissed.  Afterwards, he didn't find it so OK
A friend of 4 years started putting the moves on him after a UW football game
Today we covered The Top 10 Edible Bands or the 10 Best Bands You Can Eat... whatever you want to call it.  Anyway,
just check out the link:
OK bitches, it's trivia night, the night where I convince people that I'm really smart.  It's not true.  I just have the questions AND the answers!  HA!
I'm outta here.  Glad to be back!
Until tomorrow, put up your dukes and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/08/2012 5:37PM
SHOW # 1494 May 8 2012
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