SHOW # 1512 JUNE 7 2012

A guy by the name of Sherman Alexie wrote an article entitled "Bitter Sonics Fans Have the Right to Be Angry" .  This, or course, is in reference to the OK Thunder reaching the NBA Finals last night after defeating the Spurs 107- 99.  He, like any Sonics fan, is still reeling from the NBA's shady deal to relocate the team, felt and feels the heartache and anger associated with watching what was once yours finding success in an imposter's hands.  Cleveland Browns fans felt the same way when the Ravens won a Super Bowl (way) back in 2000.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were friends once, then they were engaged in not- so- friendly competition as the men behind Microsoft and Apple.  And who doesn't enjoy bumping into an ex who's put on an additional 50 pounds and looks tired?  Might be petty, but like most petty things, it's human nature.  There are just some people or things that we hope fail.  Today we ask you to share:  WHO OR WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO NEVER SEE SUCCEED, AND WHY?
Not a good question to ask.  Should have just asked, 'why do you hate your ex?'  I'll leave it at that.
You know Queensryche?  Yea, well, not anymore.  Rising West is the 80% of Queensryche that are not Geoff Tate.  Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, Parker Lundgren and new singer Todd LaTorre are Rising West, and they came in today for their first- ever interview. Hear it here.
Sorry bitches, gotta run!
Until tomorrow, eat it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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06/07/2012 6:32PM
SHOW # 1512 JUNE 7 2012
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