SHOW # 1514 JUNE 11 2012

Great to be single, isn’t it?  You can play the field and hook up with as many sexual partners as you want.  Well, not to rain on your sex parade, but the World Health Organization would like you to know that gonorrhea, a.k.a., the clap, that nasty bacterial infection that causes inflammation, infertility, pregnancy complications and, in some cases, DEATH, is growing resistant to drugs.  SO resistant, in fact, that doctors are concerned that in a few years there won't be anything to counteract it.  Used to be, you get a quick shot of penicillin or some anti-biotics and * voila *, you're good to go on the hunt again, but not so much anymore.  Then again, that may be the least of your medical worries.  A healthcare company called Benenden Healthcare Society found that the average person gets injured or ill nearly 10,00o TIMES in their life.  This includes everything from stuff like headaches and bug bites to electrical shocks and broken noses.  When it comes to your own well- being, you know what you're most concerned about, whether it's a medical condition or you're just f**king clumsy.  That's today's question:  MAJOR OR MINOR, WHAT MEDICAL CONDITION DO YOU SEEM TO DEAL WITH THE MOST?
Got an infection in one of her "huge" boobs... had to get an emergency surgery and now one is smaller than the other
Gets a sty on his eye a few times a years
Spine didn't fully develop at the bottom... didn't know until after 3 years of playing high school football
Nose bleeds
Makes breast milk in spite of never having had kids... weird
Bad allergies... doesn't just sneeze, he gets hives and everything
She has two really bad in- grown toe nails... do yourself a favor and DO NOT Google 'ingrown toenails'... you cannot unsee what you have seen
He's always sweaty... hyperhydrosis... turns out A LOT of listeners are sweaty people... medically
Drank contaminated water and has been suffering the consequences
"Just real itchy"... not sure what to make of that
Got hit by a drunk driver in '87 and has had headaches ever since
Got MERSA in high school (2 years ago) and is dealing with it
He's a truck driver and gets boils just below his man- satchel... has to pop them himself, which is gross.  Very gross.  Gross enough that i'M OUTTA HERE!

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06/11/2012 5:35PM
SHOW # 1514 JUNE 11 2012
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