SHOW # 1516 JUNE 13 2012

A new study out of the University of Kansas found that people could guess someone’s age, gender, income, political beliefs and major personality traits with 90% ACCURACY just by looking at their shoes.  I happen to be a firm believer in this, as I've ALWAYS felt that people's shoes were the ultimate tell.  Uggs, Air Jordans, Chuck Taylors, Doc Martins, high heels, flip flops... they say a lot about the person.  Then there's an advertising group called Mindset Media and they've come up with what your favorite TV show says about you.  Researchers at Yahoo compiled a list for the ladies that explains what us guys think of you (and your promiscuity) based on your lipstick color.  And there's a dating website called that came up with what THEY believe seven types of pets say about a guy's relationship potential.  (???)  Is any of this accurate or useful?  Who knows, but we all have our own way of making assumptions and sizing people up, and today we asked you to share with us what YOU believe tells you all you need to know about someone you haven't met:  WHAT, TO YOU, IS THE ULTIMATE TELL?
Lack of eye contact = untrustworthy... could be that you're just tough to look at.  I mean, ask yourself; are you ugly?
Can tell a lot about people by the car they drive, specifically dudes because he finds it unlikely that women buy their own vehicles
Choice of music
In his experience, women with multiple piercings tend to be rowdy in bed... or it could be that they're trying to escape from him
Utili- kilt guy = "uber- dork"
She's convinced that she can tell the size of a man's junk based on the way he walks
She can tell a lot about other women based on the purse they carry, and men by how they carry their money- wallet vs money clip vs crumpled up in his pocket
A woman's hands... her nails will tell you how high or low maintenance she is... expensive, long nails = high maintenance (she doesn't use her hands for anything)
Posture and facial expressions tell him everything he needs to know... well yea, facial expressions say a lot, dude... if they didn't, no one would use emoticons
Believes that anyone who smiles too much is dishonest... I just think they're really, really stoned, or happy or weird
What we learned today is that no matter what you do or how you look, you're being judged, bitch!
Until tomorrow, wake up and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/13/2012 5:23PM
SHOW # 1516 JUNE 13 2012
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