SHOW # 1519 JUNE 18 2012

Imagine you're in a hospital, as a patient, and David Lee Roth pokes his head in too see if you need anything, if you're doing alright, etc.  Or imagine that you go to buy Christmas decorations and there's Jon Bon Jovi pointing out the fine craftsmanship of the ornament you're buying.  Yea.  Diamond Dave used to be a hospital orderly and Bob- Jon used to make Christmas decorations... seriously.  Then again, Ozzy used to work as a plumber's assistant, Sting was a teacher and Gene Simmons, who was also a teacher, also once worked as an editor for Vogue magazine.  One of my personal favorites’ Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the guy who was facing charges of sexual harassment once worked as a priest.  Now that I think about it, Clarence Thomas' past profession is the least shocking.  Look, most of us had jobs that are different than our current career path... nothing shocking about that, but every- once- in- a while we find out that you had a job so far out of the realm of how we know you that it blows our mind.  That's what we wanted to talk about today:  I ONCE HA D AJOB DOING _______.
So we heard from grave diggers, cheese punchers (true... and his job was to punch cheese), crab pot washers, paraplegic caregivers, FBI agent trainers, mosquito wranglers and squeezers of the anal glands of dogs, but here are some of the jobs that celebrities have had:
Mick Jagger ran errands at a mental hospital
Jack White ran an upholstery company
Kurt Cobain was a janitor
Jonathon Davis of Korn was an embalmer
Johhny Depp used to sells pens... over the phone
"Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins used to wrote TV shows for Nickelodeon
Carrie Underwood was a waitress
Jon Hamm used to be a waiter
Whoopie Goldburg used to be a cosmologist for the dead... which we reasoned, makes sense because she sees the spitting image everyday in the mirror
Ok bitches, I'm outta here.  Tomorrow on Sit and Spin we're talking the Rolling Stones. 
Until tomorrow, lick it up and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/18/2012 5:51PM
SHOW # 1519 JUNE 18 2012
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