SHOW # 1524 JUNE 26 2012

In case you didn ;t know, and you probably didn't, next month is National Hot Dog Month... and here you were thinking we should celebrte something trivial... like our country's independence.  Well, no bitches, July is National Hot Dog Month, and in honor of this very important recogmition, a survey was conducted to find out America's favorite hot dog topping.  Our collective favorite would be mustard.  Our least favorite- tomatoes.  Sorry Chicago.  I happen to agree that any hot dog worth its weight in processed meat- like stuff should be slathered in mustard... and onions.  That's how it should be.  Then again, I'd argue that Van Halen, if they're gonna call their current line- up a 'reunion', should have Anthony Michael on bass, not Eddie's kid, Wolfgang.  Pure sacrilidge.  Actually, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, offered the same opinion in a new interivew with "Rolling Stone".  He states his position a little more colorfully than I do, but we agree.  When it comes to food, music, movies, clothes, whatever, we all have a definitive opinion:  IF ______ IS GOING TO BE GOOD, IT MUST HAVE ______.
Won't go through all of today's answers, but I'll tell you what I learned; do not, do NOT question whether or not anyone has ever eaten a bologna sandwich on wheat bread.  Our general perception of bologna sandwiches is bologna and white bread, so we (meaning me) posed the question, 'do you think anyone has ever eaten a bologna sandwich on wheat bread'.  We found it mildly funny, but apparently we touched a nerve.  Anyway, the answer is yes, plenty of people have eaten a bologna sandwich on wheat bread.  We also found out that the correctional facilities of Washington State serve their bologna sandwiches on wheat bread.  Now we know.
We also asked if anyone has eaten a cucmber, sprout and avacado sandwich on white bread.  Unlike the bologna/ wheat deal, not a single person called, texted or emailed to let us know that they have eaten that... so we've gotten one right.
Pain in the Grass 2012 was announced yesterday so Jolene came in today and shared some of the music of the bands that will be performing.  The line up includes The Offspring, Chevelle, 3 Days Grace, Candlebox, Witchburn, Royal Bliss and Sandriders.  Here's some more on the artists:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, take what you want and STAT BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/26/2012 8:20PM
SHOW # 1524 JUNE 26 2012
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