SHOW # 1533 JULY 17 2012

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant physically assaulted his mother... to the point that he ripped her bra off.  (???)  We don't know what started the fight or why it got to that point, but it did... and it's kinda weird.  Who tears off their mother's bra?  Dez Bryant, that's who.  Meanwhile, Michael Lohan, father of Linsay, is gonna be a new father soon, but before you say congratulations, you should know that at the time of conception (when he was f**king baby's mama) he had a restraining order against him... filed by the woman he was screwing!  Can you smell the class?  Breathe it in.  And in Idaho, a woman was attacked in her home last Thursday and ALMOST raped, but her gun went off during the struggle and the would- be rapist fled.  Then, two days later on Saturday, ANOTHER guy broke into the house and tried to rape her.  She held this guy at gunpoint until authorities arrived.  That's when they found out that without her knowledge or consent, her husband had posted an ad on Craigslist encouraging men to rape his wife.  This wasn't covered in the news story, but we're gonna assume that she's filed for divorce.  These kinds of things brought us today's question:  WHAT WAS THE MOMENT YOU SAID TO YOURSELF, 'SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE'?
Got hooked on heroin and pills, but cleaned up about 2 months ago when her boyfriend/ supplier went to jail
Was in a long term relationship until he finally realized she was a bitch... called it off when he couldn't take it anymore
After being in a band for about 20 years, he decided that maybe it's time to get a "real" job
Moved out of his mother's house when she refused to end her addiction to pills... never been back
Was 270 pounds and made the decision to lose weight... currently 175 pounds
Swore off vodka as of THIS morning
Knew he had to change his ways when his girlfriend, his babysitter and his ex wife all announced that they are pregnant... in the same week
Knew she should get divorced when her husband's girlfriend showed up at their house in the middle of the night
When his liver blew up he thought maybe he should give up booze
Had a heart attack only 6 months ago... after a 12 month bender
We decided to do something different for sit and Spin today and actually listened to new music.  Kiss, Hell Yea, The darkness and a smattering of others gave us a sneak peek of their latest offerings. 
Here's a link to it:
OK butches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, tell no one and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/17/2012 5:39PM
SHOW # 1533 JULY 17 2012
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