SHOW # 1539 JULY 26 2012

So, your 2- year- old kid is diagnosed with leukemia, over the next few years, your kid goes through treatment and BEATS it, making him a cancer survivor.  Now imagine how proud your now- 13- year- old son is to be a cancer survivor... so as a badge of honor, he decides to get a rather large dragon... TATTOED ON HIS CHEST!  That's exactly what happened in Centralia, and now police there are trying to figure out how a 13- year- old kid could get a tattoo without his parent's permission.  Gotta be 18 or older to get a tattoo in Washington... or maybe I should say that you're SUPPOSED to be 18 or older.  Anyway, he got his ink on a trip with a family "friend" without mom's knowledge.  As to mom's reaction, her quote says it all:  "He actually thought I'd be proud."  She wasn't and isn't.  That's how it goes sometimes, you do something with good intentions and it doesn't work in your favor:  WHAT DID NOT GET THE REACTION YOU WERE HOPING FOR?
Told her mother she was gay when she was 16... her mother asked "why"
First time he had sex with his now- ex, she called out her ex's name
Finally landed a date with a woman... turns out she was a lesbian.  I don't buy it.  I think they went on the date, she hated it and told him she's gay
Likes to troll the internet with racist and homophobic comments to get people all worked up... posted some racist and homophobic stuff earlier today (regarding the police shooting of an unarmed dude in Anaheim)... much to his surprise, the first 10 responses SUPPORTED his "views".  He discovered that people are racist, homophobic and hate California
Bought his date roses... she's deathly allergic to roses
Grew a beard for his girl but she hated it... he shaved it off and she didn't notice for 4 days
Buddy got engaged to a woman after only dating her briefly.  Jokingly, he asked, "what happened?  Did the condom break?"  There was a weird silence and the woman wandered off into the bathroom.  That's when he discovered that yes, the condom did, indeed, break.
Walked in on the middle of a conversation, and someone was struggling to thing of a word; they said it started with the letter "T", so our guy just yelled "Triceratops" (sp?).  His wife gave him a dirty look and said, "No,, 'toxemia.  THAT'S how they lost their baby."  Awkward
Threw out his roommates "moldy" food in the fridge... it was weed butter!
That about sums it up.
Until tomorrow, you've been thunderstruck, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/26/2012 5:32PM
SHOW # 1539 JULY 26 2012
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